Ten minutes in and I’m spoiled already. No more eye on the phone to make sure we still had a couple lines open.* No more 22k connections—and they never were faster. No more twenty-minutes-per-meg downloads. (Hey, that’s important when downloading CAD files cuz they be BIG!) I can finally start using some of the online project coordination stuff like Buzzsaw.

    • Ya know, looking at the phone I see that only ONE line is in use. Those sshl*s (meaning my co-workers)! I was apparently the only person who cared enough about keeping some lines open so our customers could call as to limit my time online AND time my own outgoing calls. The jerks.

I hate you.

::Walks away muttering "Lousy 28.8 connection…::

Congrats dropzone! I’m sure you and your T1’ll be very happy together. sniff sniff

(Sorry, posting with no nearly enough sleep in me, excuse the incoherence)

Lucky bastard. Of course, I’ve got a pretty nice connection myself. But there’s nothing like a T1. Save maybe having fiber running directly into your house like they do for those Atlanta people.

Hey dropzone I’m on a T1 connection too! Nice, ain’t it? 'Sept it completely ruins you for anything slower.

Now I can blame any slowness here on the SDMB’s server! AND you people with slow connections. :wink:

Downloaded a 12.8mb file in 1:15. The estimated time to completion only went down AND in real time! No more five-minute seconds!

Is T1 faster or slower than DSL?

I have a T1 now too. At home! It rocks.

I was generally at 38k with my dial up. Now, theoretically, I share this T1 with a hundred other people. Of course, given the demographics of the neighborhood, and the hours I keep, the real facts are that I have it pretty much to myself, most of the time.

However, it is seriously cutting down my caffeine levels. I barely have time to get a cup of coffee, much less brew a pot like I used to during downloads. Somehow I will get by.



Well, I might be jealos, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a T3 connection! Ha! I laugh at your puny T1 line! Ha!

The answer is: It depends.

There’s a number of factors involved there. The maximum transmission speed on a T-1 line is 1.544 Megabits per second (symmetrical), depending on whom you speak to. Some will say it’s higher, some lower, but that’s a good solid starting point.

Please see here for more information.

DSL. DSL is a low cost alternative to a T-1. Maximum upload speed is 1.568 Megabits per second, on the SDSL platform. On RADSL, you can achieve download speeds around 7 megabits per second, but the upload is limited to a maximum of 1 megabit per second. DSL is sensitive to distance, whereas the T-carrier system isn’t. The farther away you are from the equipment with DSL, the slower you get. Check out Project Pronto for more information, sorry I don’t have a link.

So, to summarize, a DSL can be faster than a T-1. It can also be slower. It all depends.

Hmmmmm! Web radio in Hi Fidelity! Not supposed to do this when I might be slowing everybody else down, but they’re at lunch.


My 56k modem will be replaced by DSL soon. :smiley:

DSL is our friend.

T3 here and i have been known to DL at almost a MEG a second. Pretty sweet, eh?

We once had T1 access, then they upgraded us to OC3… damn them!
Next I hear they are thinking about OC48… sheesh.

Yeah, absoul - Those bastards.

My phone company says (Yeah, they’re always saying) that a new central office will be finished building by August less than a mile from my house.

The cable company says cable will be available in June.

They’ve been saying stuff like that for a year now.


I finally broke down and got RoadRunner
for the wife and I!!! Downloaded a file
in 2 minutes, that was gonna take 17 mins
on our 33.6 dialup!!

Is all the bandwidth on that OC-3 available for internet access. If so you must be some web surfing fools.

Oh I know, there is no going back, is there? I remember when I first got my DSL and I downloaded the Kingpin demo…it was 108MB or something. It took me something like 12-15 mins or something like that…no going back baby.

Why yes it is and we are Fugazi!
The pornographic sites that I usually frequent actually appear on my screen before I can actaully think of them. Even right now my mind (food) is posting this message (sex) without even having (beer) my conscious permission. (sex with beer)