Table-top Roleplaying Gamers, Unite!

So which SDMBers are either A.) Active Tabletop Gamers or B.) Would be, if they had a nearby group that they liked?

I provide this thread as a public service, in the hopes that we may be able to wrangle a few people together in gaming; and I’m also just curious. If you like, you can also post a general idea of your location, if your location field doesn’t already specify, and you feel comfortable doing such.

My location field is filled out, and I’m currently in two mostly-separate groups, and know lots of other folks locally who game.

Anybody else?

Tabletop gamer here–I play about once a week (although unfortunately our group is already pretty large, and we can’t take in new players). I’m also a moderator over at EN World (Pielorinho over there), and folks on those boards pretty regularly organize regional Game Days; the last one I went to was a total blast.


Another one here. I play mainly with a group of Dopers from the Phila area. Every other week for a regular campaign and on the off weeks all manner of random stuff ranging from a movie, to board games, to one shots of various systems/scenarios we’ve wanted to try. So we can go from Spelljammer (our current campaign) to Amber or Floating Vagabond. It makes for a nice, if not interesting, variety.

I used to be a fanatical Warhammer player (back when it was a book and not a box), but grew tired of Games Workshop.

Would be your option B today, if there was a game I really liked. I’m working on my own game (called Claymore) and playtesting it with a few friends, but Magic the Gathering takes most of my gaming time so I don’t get much done on it these days.

I’ve got an 8’ by 6’ dry-erase surface table, with hexgrid; thousands of miniatures- both plastic and metal; dozens of rulebooks; and dozens of modules, published and homemade.

My local group has a bad case of “always something to do that prevents everyone from getting together long enough to play.”

My whole family- myself, my wife, and two sons- are active players. We have a LAN amd are into campaigns in Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights- when we aren’t FPSing.

Traveling is costly and difficult for us; but we have a good place to play, plenty of parking, and couches for those who want to stay over.

Central/Western PA is where I am. Two hours form Pittsburgh, four hours or so from Philly, Buffalo, Baltimore, and Cleveland.

I’ve been calling for years- I hope someone comes. “If you build it, they will come.” It’s here… I’m waiting.

I used to have a couple of friends who I would play Rifts with. We made a stable of characters, called them a mercenary group, and sent them on missions two at a time while the third person GMed. Then we’d switch off. Granted, it’s a flawed combat system (especially with the later books, but that’s okay because we never bought them), but it was a hell of a lot of fun. It fell off due to time constraints.

Currently, I’m playing in Phnord Prefect’s grand experiment.

Candid, you are officially invited. Email me if you’re interested.

I’m currently in a group who does board games and table top miniature games. They all do RPG’s occasionally but never seem to have the time to lately. I’d be interested in hearing others in the area who do board games and table tops (WH40K specifically, maybe Battletech), but would especially be interested in others around Orlando who do RPGs (D20 d+d specifically.)

I just started a D&D 3.0 campaign a couple months ago. I finally got bored with all my computer games (and spent enough time playing NWN that I wanted to learn the game better), so I put out the call. Told people I wanted to start a small D&D campaign.

Eight players later…

It’s a little out of hand.

I was playing a wizard NPC for a while but took her out because there were too many characters in the game. At least that’s what I told the players. The real reason was so that she wouldn’t take out her fireball spells in the middle of the night and kill them all in their sleep:

The guy playing the single-class fighter archer wants to become an archer prestige class from a book I don’t have; then, when he’s real high level, he wants to become another grotesque archer prestige class from another book I don’t have.

His wife wants her single-class fighter archer to change class to paladin. She’s NG.

The lady playing a wizard wants to change class to cleric.

My wife’s rogue/wizard wants to become a divine seeker prestige class.

Two people are playing the two heads of a two-headed dwarven rogue and have become a paragon. Heck with changing class; they changed race…

My son was playing a half-ogre cleric and got bored when that wasn’t game-mechanic abusive enough, so he just switched to playing an aasimon cleric-paladin. Now that my son knows about paragons, he wants his character to become a paragon aasimon…

The guy playing the bard/sorceror doesn’t actually want to change classes, or add classes, or change race, but he does spend all his time talking about how the 2.0 rules work so much better than the 3.0 rules, especially with the way he runs 2.0, and how sorceror makes so much more sense than the wizard class, and magic missile is still broken, and how can you possibly use the healing rules that way… Shut up, David.

God, I’d like to play sometime rather than run. David has, of course, offered to run.

Ethilrist, may I offer you some advice?

First, an overall rule: unless there’s a good reason to say no to a player, don’t. Learn to make your default answer to “Can I do this?” be “Sure!” It’s way more fun for the players; and you can keep the game challenging by giving the same answer to any villain who asks the same question :).

Then two exceptions: you never want one character to far outshine the others (the God PC), and you never want one tactic to become so good that it solves every battle (the Magic Bullet). Let the players know about these guidelines, and then do your best to enforce them. They’ll increase everyone’s fun.

Now, some specifics:

I do recommend keeping a tight rein on PrCs, especially ones you’re not familiar with. Go to EN World and ask about the PrCs over there for some very good feedback on them.

Sure, and why not? Tell her to demonstrate her changed alignment in-game, and then she can do it.

Sure, and why not? Either she can multiclass, which is completely within the rules; or she can create a new character, also completely within the rules. I recommend starting new characters at 1 level lower than the party’s average, or 1 level lower than their last character; this keeps people from switching up too often.

Sure, and why not? Unless that class is ridiculously overpowered; see my above comments about PrCs.

Hey, if they’re having fun with it, why not?

Now there’s a problem. One surefire way to cut down on folks’ fun is to have one person in the group who’s better than everyone else at everything; if he’s doing his best to achieve this, you’ll want to stop him, and make it clear why.

Indeed: that’s pretty annoying. I don’t have much advice for dealing with folks that rude, unfortunately.

I hope the game becomes more fun for you!

raises hand I’m a gamer (predominantly of the GM variety) in San Diego, CA. Mostly GURPS, some D&D, some Hero, lots of homebrew (games, not beer). I’m not currently running a game, but I hope to start a home-made GURPS Stargate (based on the TV series, Stargate SG-1) campaign soon. Was waiting for GURPS 4th, but getting tired of waiting…


I do. Right now, I’m playing Legend of the Five Rings (D10 version) with a group of about 12-13 people (I can’t remember which). I’m actually looking to play any of the following:

Any White Wolf game that isn’t Vampire or Wraith (too depressing!).
Buffy/Angel (I’ve thought about running it).
Cybergeneration (I would HAVE to be the person who ran it, though).
7th Sea.

Additionally, I’m willing to try just about anything, even sigh D&D.

Unfortunately, I’m in Rockford, Illinois. It’s not that there aren’t gamers here. . .it’s just that they’re either 1.) Broke, 2.) into Vampire, or 3.) in the L5R game (or more than one of the above). But if anyone has a game going in the area (or wants to play Buffy, Angel, or Cybergeneration), I am so up for that.

I’ll take Option B.

I’ve been in a number of long-running games – mostly Champions, some Call of Cthulhu and D&D, a bit of Ars Magica. I’d love to be in a regular game, but the role-playing friends I have around here have either drifted away from role-playing or are in a group that includes a person or two that actively dislikes me.

So I play online or solo CRPGs, buy and read a lot of game systems and wait for when I can finish my basement so I can have a group here. Of course, that will most likely coincide with the point when my kids have an active social and after-school activity calendar, so I’m just a dreamer.

raises hand

I 've been playing D&D since it was on index cards. I have played Vampire, Changeling and Mage but my favorite World of Darkness line is Werewolf.
But all that pales to me love of the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game, which I also play on line.

The there is the issue of regular sessions for hours every week or every other week, with two preschool children and a job you are at 60 hours a week, my dear.

However, I’m sure D&D 64th edition will be out about the time you retire and the kids get out of the house and have plenty of time to play - David will probably still be around to tell you how good the 2.0 rules are - I’m sure Daniel will forward his phone number when the time comes.

Oh, sorry - David plays with Ethlirist - that’s even better - they are local.

This raises all sorts of quests and modules possibilities. I’ve had my character ask for a favor from a god or temple, and agree to a geas/quest in exchange for the favor. The DM gets to think up a really hard adventure, and the character has to persuade the rest of her group to go along with HER quest…there’d better be something in it for them, too!

I used to play tabletop RPGs regularly. Now, however, I cannot commit to being at the game most of the time because of health reasons. It’s not fair to the GM or the other players, so I have resigned from my gaming group. I sure miss it.

If anyone’s in the Fort Worth area and would like to join a group, drop me an email and I’ll see if I can’t put you in touch with one. I think that my daughter’s group is looking to get another gamer or two.

I play in two 3.5 edition D&D games plus the random pick up MtG, Heroclicks, Warhammer 40K game. I am also being talked into running Werewolf Old West but that has to come at the expense of one of the D&D games… which I am actively trying to destroy as a 9th level Psion/10th level Psion Uncarnate. :>

Oh, man, did this come along at the right time! I haven’t role-played in years (since sophomore year of college, I think) but lately I’ve started missing it. I got invited to a LARP recently (actually the beautiful, smart, creative and talented woman I has sitting next to got invited, but the mutual friend who did the inviting couldn’t be too obvious about not inviting me, too, so I could have played oblivious and invited myself as well). I just don’t think I’m ready for quite that level of geekiness just yet, though.

For all practical purposes, I’d be an absolute newbie in any sysytem–I never palyed any one system consistently enough to learn teh rules that well to begin with, and I don’t remember the first thing about rules nowadays. If anyone knows a friendly, newbie-welcoming group in DC that’s into storytelling and character-development, not combat-for-the-sake-of-combat, let me know. (Email me via my profile if you don’t want to post here.)

One minor caveat–I’m 27 and have no interest whatsoever in playing with a group made up solely or predominantly of high-schoolers or college kids.

My SO is 34, I’m 32, our pals are 31 and 45 so RPG’s aren’t limited to the wee ones. We play D&D, 2nd and 3rd edition. Hellizona is our locale but I’ve posted a pit thread as to the couples’ arguments so I doubt we could get some new blood. We only play every two weeks anyway and sometimes things don’t even allow for that.

I just wanted to give a shout out (HUZZAH!) to my fellow gamers! :smiley:

If the wagon’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’!