Tackiest place in Vegas (baby)

I’ve been in Vegas twice and I loved it! I don’t even gamble. I just think it’s a treat to look at all the bizarre architecture there. Hey, to each his own.

The first time I went I thought Caesar’s Palace was hands-down the tackiest place on the strip. Hell, it was the tackiest place I’ve ever been in anywhere. I got a picture of a sculpture of Porky Pig wearing a toga, I had an extended conversation with an Elvis impersonator who told me he felt like a “freak in a cage.” They have Roman-style sculptures that move and talk, they have a copy of Michelangelo’s David (how Roman is that?) and they had cocktail waitresses in mini-togas.

On my return trip, however, I thought the Paris had surpassed it. They had cocktail waitress dressed in mini-gendarme outfits, guys wearing striped shirts and berets pushing carts of French bread around, guys playing accordions and a whole bunch of other crap that just screamed OOH LA LA!! Plus the building looks like Paris exploded and fell back to earth in a random fashion.

So, anyone else have favorites or stories to share?

What happens in Vegas need not always stay there!

I’ve only been to Vegas twice, but as soon as I saw the thread title, my first thought was “Paris”.

Your “the building looks like Paris exploded and fell back to earth in a random fashion” comment is so dead on, I won’t even try to add to it.

So, chalk me up in the “Paris is the tackiest place in Vegas” column. Though I’m sure some place will come along soon enough to challenge for the crown.

I haven’t lived there for several years now, but I find it hard to believe anything can be as tacky as Circus Circus.

There is a strip “club” called “Larry’s Villa” that has transcended tacky to downright scummy. Wear shoe-protectors. But don’t miss the amputee stripper.

No stories to share, but your post got me wondering…

When tourists visit the Paris, to what extent do they think Paris is really like that? Or do they recognize it as, what sounds to my inexperienced in Paris or the Paris brain, a fairly ridiculous caricature?

Tacky in a good way: Caesar’s Palace, particularly the Forum shops. Tacky, but extremely well done.

Tacky in a bad way: Toss-up between Circus Circus and Excalibur. Screams CHEAP! from the moment you step inside.

Tacky in a kitsch way: Luxor. Faux Egyptian is just silly.

Yeah, but you gotta love that building though. I still think it’s one of the coolest looking hotels in Vegas.

Mind you, I haven’t been there in a few years, but still.

To me, nothing says, “Tacky” in Las Vegas like the, “Say ‘I Do’ Love Drive-Thru” wedding chapel.

Liberace Museum anyone?

It’s in a strip mall - NOT on “The Strip.”

Yes, I’ve been there, because it has a collection of antique pianos, including one played by Liszt, IIRC. But you have to walk past the Rolls Royce covered in 1" mirror tiles and “an impressive re-creation of the master bedroom from “The Cloisters,” Liberace’s grand Palm Springs estate.” :eek:

Ah, but where else on earth can you order a drink and get a free Sphinx stir.

I think we have different definitiions of “tacky”. But IMO, The Stratosphere, is far and away the tackiest thing in Vegas. But it’s been a while since I’ve been there.