tacky outfits people wear that turn you on

I wouldn’t call this out fit exactly “tacky” but…

What I like to call the “Wonder Woman” bikini drives me absolutely wild. I don’t mean the literal Lynda Carter outfit (Although she was hot lookin too ) I’m talking about bikinis with the old glory design, as shown here http://shop.store.yahoo.com/tropi-ties/firflasflagb.html

Mmmmmm, drooool :smiley:

i like chicks in french maid costumes, the sleazier, the better!

Yes, I am a sexist pig! Thanks for noticing!

Duct tape makes me stiff as a board.

Well there is this one guy at the Starbucks I go to every morning that wears a green apron like no other. :wink:

A lot of people consider ultrashort jean shorts* to be tacky but I think nothing looks hotter on women. Even on guys in a weird sort of way…if they’ve got the guts to wear those, then they get bonus points for that, in my book.

*Just very short ones, not the kind wear the whole backside has been cut away and they look like a thong.