Taco Bell Breakfast

It’s been a while since Taco Bell starting serving breakfast. Does anyone actually eat there for breakfast?

I feel like Taco bell made a mistake by serving breakfast. I drive by nearly every morning and just feel like they’re wasting electricity and manpower, probably losing a chunk of dough by doing such.

Do you, or does anyone you know frequent TB regularly for breakfast? Opinions?


The only thing I’ve found there that I like for breakfast is their crunchwrap. Nothing else really works for me, but that is an occasional breakfast. Of course, it’s even less likely that I’ll go there than it used to be thanks to my moving back to a land full of fabulous breakfast burritos.

I went Option 3 but its a little harsh. I will do Taco Bell for breakfast if its basically the only choice. It won’t kill you but it isn’t very good either. I will say that the one I pass a lot usually has a good crowd for breakfast so I can’t call it a mistake. More a case of “What are those people thinking when there is a Mickey D’s right next door?”

I realize it’s a poll, but this is still best suited to Cafe Society. I’ll relocate it.

I’m not a big breakfast-eater, unless breakfast can wait until almost lunchtime. So Taco Bell’s breakfast offerings all look a bit too much for me. I haven’t actually tried any of them yet.

OTOH, I’m delighted that MickeyD’s is making a number of their breakfast offerings available all day.

I’ve had the cruchwrap twice and one of the burritos.

Not bad. Definitely a nice break from McDonalds breakfast or cold cereal.

I tried the crunch wrap a couple of times and found it be good, but heavy on the carbs due to the extra thick folded tortilla.

I eat breakfast at fast food places about five times a year. When I do, on average: twice is McDonald’s, once is Jack in the Box and twice is Taco Bell.

Is the crunchwrap the one with the hash-brown in the tortilla with the other stuff? That thing is mighty tasty.

But I do think the whole breakfast is a mistake; they never seem to have any breakfast traffic at the ones near my house and work, while McDonald’s, Whataburger and even Sonic have plenty.

Haven’t tried it.

I do, however, like that they open at 7 AM now, which is around when I usually get off my graveyard shift at work, so if I don’t feel like cooking there’s a place I can swing through besides Subway that isn’t just serving breakfast.

In a world where breakfast burritos and kolaches are a routine morning starter for a zillion people, I don’t blame them for trying.

That being said, I didn’t know they served breakfast.

I went for Option 4 because it was one vote behind Option 1 for first place. Like most dumb people, I always pull for the underdog.

Taco Bell’s new slogan: "Shart your day with Taco Bell"

Love Taco Bell. Am an advocate for their food.

Their breakfast, however, is terrible. I hated it. Never get it.

Ditto. The idea of having something that heavy before I’m awake and functional doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I’m a “coffee, toast, and morning meds” person.

The only thing I like is the sausage crunch wrap, minus the quesadilla sauce, which is worth it to get up early for.

I only had it once and it was a waffle that was not warm at all with a greasy sausage. I was not a fan.
I chose the last option but I have not tried this crunchwrap. That does sound more intriguing.

Too far away.

When it comes to breakfast I only like sandwiches on biscuits or bagels. I don’t like tortillas or other things. I notice they have some sort of biscuit taco thing I would like to try, but I’m not currently eating bread. I AM a big breakfast eater- to me it’s easily the best meal of the day, but I don’t eat it a lot at breakfast “time” and I mostly stick to eggs and meat, which aren’t really done in fast food. I don’t want to eat eggs in a burrito or on a pancake. if anything I use the eggs themselves as bread.