Taco Bell- "Crispy red strips"??

Ok I don’t get Taco Bell out here, but their comercial for those toasted enchilada things are weirding me out when they list the ingredients:“Chicken, fresh lettuce and crispy red strips” WTF are crispy red strips and do I actually want to eat them? I hope this is a GQ topic,if not feel free to move it!

I think they’re little red tortilla chip things. I had the entree in question and they seemed along those lines.

I tried them, too, just to see if Tacobel’s Canon was fibbing. The items were, indeed, red and crispy, and as soon as I opened the package, they took their little clothes off. :wink:

I think the item in question is less of an “entree”, and more of a Sh*tty sandwich you coulda made for your own damn self a lot quicker (and a lot better) at home.