Tag Letters ..... line one AG.CO.QR line two LD.IH.VJ line three CO.PR.AN (maybe AM)

This may be a tough one. I found this tag, years ago (I don’t remember where or when) and it’s been sitting on my desk. It’s rectangular 1-11/16"X7/8"X1/16"(thick), with round ends. It’s made of metal (non magnetic) deep brown in colour. The letters are in three rows.
Does anyone have a clue as to what it might be?
… john

You can’t find a way to post a photo?

Hi Poppa,
I certainly can.
Is there a way of adding it to the post, or should I provide a link?
… john

Link. The board coding as it stands at the moment doesn’t allow posting of photos inline.

Thanks jayjay,
Here’s the link.
… john

looks like a dog tag indicating membership of a 9 man team.

I mean, it is literally a tag sold to attach to pets to label them. Military ones would have a standard ID of some sort. at least branch ? .

Pet ones are cheap eg bronze or similar, and easily stamped… So it appears rather personal as opposed to official.

That is what I thought, pet tag or maybe a locker key tag, for a public locker. You know the lockers you could rent in bus stations or train depots a few decades ago.

Thank you all. I guess I’ll leave it at that.
… john

I had assumed the fonts would have been different on the different lines, because there are 14 kinds of glyphs in a fob protecting dogs.

You totally win the Doper of the Week for that one. Congrats!! :smiley:

I have one the exact same, just a slightly different colour. I bought it from a shop years ago (I think from H&M) so that makes me believe it’s nothing special

Also the code it’s in makes no sense once translating it. It reads;
“Did must far
T back blue
Must U spoon” (its am, not an)

Hi Brad,
How did you determine the code? (Bear in mind that I know nothing about codes.)
… john