take a look at this-500hp motorcycle


motorcycle powered by Dodge Viper 10 cyl. engine. 300+mph.

woah can you imagine that on the track! It looks like an atv on steroids.

It’s got 4 wheels and looks like something out of an anime film. I wonder if it’s an automatic :smiley:

The Darwin-Award-Mobile: Zero to Death in 4 flat!

Now that this milestone has been reached, clearly the next evolutionary step is to start converting ICBM’s into recreational vehicles… warhead optional for the x-treme sports aficionados.

Ahh, capitalism. Is there any niche you won’t fill?

The article in today’s Toronto Star said that it would do 645 km/h.


I wanna know for how long? Can’t you just picture planes flying in to refuel this sucker while you’re cruising along the highway at top speed?

Motorcycle? NOT!!!

If its got more than 2 wheels, it ain’t a motorcycle! Thats the way I sees it and thats the way it is!

Somebodys gotta go back and get a shitload of dimes!

Excuse me while I try to figure out what motorcycling (if, indeed, that is what it is) niche this thing is supposed to fill.

We can presumably drop any thought of whipping 1,500 pounds through the twisties. The riding position does not appear to make for distance, either. (Actually, it seems to me to be a truly uncomfortable as well as an uncool posture.)

500 hp sounds like something you’d want to dragrace, but an acceleration from 0-60 in 2.5 secs is already outdone by a Kawasaki ZZ-R 1200 fresh from the showroom. Would’ve loved to see figures from 0-120.

The power/weight ratio is actually nothing to write home about, either.

A top speed of 300+ mph, now that is something. Without better wind protection, however, the rider won’t stay on for that. And with aerodynamics resembling those of a grand piano with stripes on, I would doubt the stability of the bike at speed.

Looking cool in the driveway ? Now we’re talking… Probably a great bike for getting out the “I am a good provider, mate with me” message.

Nah. I’ll stick with the ol’ Honda. At least it has the correct number of weels.

One step closer to the ultimate dream of the flying motorcycle. Well, maybe.