Take another step and the harddrive gets it!

Kill your harddrive

Cool, but expensive!

Just the thing for Mission Impossible 2005. “This hard drive will self-destruct in five seconds, Mr. Phelps.”

mmmmm… chemical mist…

You DEFINITELY want to make sure you don’t hit the wrong speed dial button on your phone!

I read this last night and it just doesn’t make sense.

Think about it. You have all your valuable data on a HD. You push the wrong button some time. It’s gone. Unrecoverable.

You just use encryption instead.

I think this solution is targeted toward the corporate world where everything is backed up daily, but much sensitive information is on the stolen hard drive. In this scenario it makes sense to sacrifice the hard drive so that the information does not fall into the wrong hands.

That’s what I’m thinking. It’s for companies that are worried about the hard drive being stolen.

So The Bad Guys get their hands on an encrypted HD. Now what?

They get ahold of some computer geek and decrypt it.