Take THAT, food industry!

Bumper sticker spotted the other day, made me laugh until I had to blow my nose:

I :heart: GLUTEN

As someone who has boxes of gluten on the pantry shelf… :smiley:

Announcing your love of gluten is a form of networking… flees

I want that bumper sticker.

If one more person mentions that wretched book “Wheat Belly”, I’m going to beat them with a stale baguette!

But…your dick will fly off!

Here ya go, at cafepress.

Thanks for introducing me to that book… :slight_smile:

that’s a joke to chew on.

Calling Baker in Topeka!

What baffles me is the proud display of “GLUTEN FREE!” on the labels of food that couldn’t even conceivably contain gluten.

My tuna fish is gluten free, well that is a bother off my mind!

“Most StarKist Tuna products are gluten-free; however, there are several exceptions:
Tuna Creations® Herb & Garlic contains wheat and barley.”

I remember that the same thing happened a few years back when cholesterol became the Big Bad Thing du jour. All sorts of cholesterol-free foodstuffs suddenly announced on their packaging that they were “Cholesterol Free.” Marketing. Ain’t it wonderful?

But… But… gluten is KILLING us! Wake up sheeple!

Well, gluten will make your dick fly off and explode. (Mmkay?)

Mine already does that. It’s sort of a party trick.

Damn. Unlikely to get to a party in the UK. :eek:

I can only do it once though.

Ah, I see. Over 16 years of age, I take it?

Is it asbestos free too? :wink:

The wheat lobby approves this message.

But she’ll REALLY love that one time!