takeing a trrip

my firend donnywent to a partie and bouhgt some acid. (LSD). he said that he saw lotta collors and trails of eveverything.he said that SEX fels beteer two. iwant to take some but am sacred that i will die. what will hapen to me?

You might be afflicted with brain damage that causes you to misspell words, use incorrect punctuation and forget the rules of capitalization within English sentences…

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Yes, you’ll die.

But first, you’ll stare at the sun until you go blind, then you’ll pluck out your eyeballs because you think you have spiders in your brain.

Maybe you’ll put Donny in the oven first, then loudly declare that the turkey is done.

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Hey chief-your that idiot that thinks hes big shit even though there are only 8 words in the english language that you are capable of spelling correctly.
If this donnie person is real i imagine that he probably told you alot of GOOD things about 'cid. I myself have had ALOT of experience with lsd. And to tell the truth i loved every second of it.
again however…
dont take it. dont go near it, dont even look at it. Acid manipulates your mind.

QOUTE AS BY SoulFrost:
But first, you’ll stare at the sun until you go blind, then you’ll pluck out your eyeballs because you think you have spiders in your brain.
This, to some extent, is true. You will think the sun is the most amazing thing that youve ever seen and stare at it so long that you will indeed go blind. Then again it could be just the opposite!
i went hiking with this group of 5 kids i knew from back in the day. two of them had been trippin on about 5 hits a piece. one of them we’ll call JOE some how got the idea that the sun was trying to kill him. he honestly thought the sun was concentrating its uv rays and heat and projecting all towards him, and only him, in an attempt to fry him alive. He hide under a large rock where he was “safe” from the sun. we tryed to talk him out of it or “talk him down” and after about two hours he came to the conclusion that we were in on it with the sun. He then informed us that anyone who came near him would unfortunetly have their skull bashed in.

In short just dont do do it. It cant kill you by overdose because such a small amount is needed to produce these hallucinogenic effects. however brutal and unusual murders (bashing in someones skull) have been commited by people under the influence of LSD. self mutulations are not uncommon either.
People actually think their arm or leg is turning into a snake and hack it off.

so stay away from the drugs boy.

Life is like a box of chocolate, melts in your mouth not in your hands


Loverock, is Mars.

Read, and compare the above.

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