taking birth control continuously

I have been taking birth control pills for years. Its a good thing. I got my next months scrip today and am supposed to wait a week whilst I have my period before taking them. I have read a lot and talked to doctors. I would like to skip this period and just start taking the new packet, just for relief, i hate periods so much. I have been told there would be no untoward consequences, health wise. has anyone done this? I assume its okay, though it might mess me up next month when i get the new pack a week later than I’d like it, as I can only get it filled every 30 days.
Thanks in advance.

With most birth controls, if you keep taking the pills you will not get a period. It is probably safe to keep taking the pills for awhile, but as far as I know, there are no long term studies about the health effects of putting off the period for a long period.

If you want to avoid getting your period for a while, there are birth control methods that are indicated for 3 months or more and will prevent periods. You might want to talk to your doctor about them.

Oh, and as for the pharmacy side, normal birth control is a 28 day supply, with most insurances you can fill about 5 or 6 days early.So… The first time you keep taking won’t be a problem, and depending on your insurance, the 2nd time might be ok also… But, by the 3rd time, they will say you are too early, and won’t pay for the script.

I know there are pills which you can take for about three months, but its not covered on my hmo.
it wouldn’t make the ‘period’ greater though would it? i am only considering doing this for this month.

I do believe it might make the period “heavier” but, I don’t know for sure. One thing I will say, it is perfectly healthy with (most) birth control pills to take them a little longer then normal, in the case where the period would fall on a… um… “Bad” time.

I believe it will be fine to do 2 months at a time with normal BCPs, as long as you don’t make a big habit of it. And I’m not aware of any problems taking BCPs all the time to avoid periods. Honestly, there hasn’t been enough studies on it. One thing I will say though, the first BCPs were only studied for 28 days between periods because at the time, they didn’t think women would accept something that kept the period from happening. Since then, most new birth control pills have ridden the coat tails of the first couple long term studies, so they still go with 28 days.

Ha! That sounds like heaven.
They are low dose and estrogen/progestrin.

I spent 3 years on norethindrone, with no periods, and then a year on the old school bleed once a month type then back to the last 2 years on norethindrone. You do not need the period when you are on the pill. When I did accidently miss a day on norethindrone it would literally trigger a period almost immediately the next day.

[I would have loved to have gotten my hysterectomy back when I had my tubes tied when I was in my early 20s and avoided 25 years of bloody torment. Some women are just NOT reproductively healthy and shouldnt be forced to go through that fucking shit when there is NO intention or ability to push out a sprog.]

I take Yasmin, and if my period coincides with something inconvenient (like a conference, or a vacation) then I just take the next packet right away. I’ve taken up to three packets continuously. Around the time of the third packet I had some spotting, but nothing too bad, I suppose. Taking two continuously presented no problems whatsoever - I do it all the time.

Ask your doctor about whether it’s recommended for you.

I’m on a generic of Yasmin and have been taking it continuously - on the go-ahead from my gynecologist and to prevent issues that happen when I’m on the placebo week - for about 2 years. I do occasionally get breakthrough bleeding; sometimes it doesn’t stop spotting until I go off the pill for 3 days, which causes a period-like flow that lasts for at least a few days after I restart the pill.

AFAIK the general rule of thumb is that if it’s the type where every pill in the pack (apart from the placebos if you have any) has exactly the same dosage of hormones, then it’s perfectly safe to take them continuously. Doctors tend to recommend taking a break after three packs of pills but I’m not really clear on whether there is actually a good medical reason for this. Taking them for longer than that does increase the risk of breakthrough bleeding, but that’s more an annoyance than anything else.

Contrary to what others have said, I’ve found that since I began taking mine in threes when I do get my period it’s lighter than it used to be.

Just wanted to highlight this- it is important!! ONLY monophasic (single dose level) pills can be taken continuously. Its best to double check with your doctor. If they are unavailable or won’t answer your questions for whatever reason, Planned Parenthood is a good resource.

I have done this from time to time with my Dr.'s approval. Never had any problems (and the later period is not any heavier).

Most insurance will refill every 21 days (to give you a week’s leeway to refill). By relentlessly refilling every 21 days on the nose you can get “ahead” and have a spare pack handy. You can also ask your Dr. to write you a separate prescription for 1 or 2 extra packs. Some insurance will pay out twice in a month if you have 2 prescriptions.

I’ve been taking the pill (a generic) continuously for over a year now. According to the nurse at Planned Parenthood, you often hear the recommendation to only do it for three packs, but there’s no medical reason to do so. A big part of why I went on it was not only to help my body keep a regular cycle, but also to help with all the lovely symptoms that assaulted me every month; I figured I may as well just cut out the middleman and avoid it completely.

It is wonderful, and you can have my continuous birth control when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

I’ve done it for years - I have maybe three or four periods a year, as directed by my doctor. She has no problem with me skipping the placebos. No big deal. Much more convenient life. :slight_smile: