Taking Care of Wood Furniture

I have a desk I got from my father when he downsized his stuff after mom’s death. It’s a 1940’s desk out of, I think, cherry, but definitely real, solid wood. It’s 70’s years old and could use a little attention.

I don’t have any desire to strip and refinish the wood. It just doesn’t need it. The finish is in good shape as the desk was never abused just gently used. It does need some cleaning, particularly where arms/hands have rested against it over the years. There is a glass top on it (added years later) which has been protective.

What should I use to clean it?

How should I maintain it?

Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean it. I have a bunch of older furniture (I wouldn’t necessarily call them antiques but I guess they’re close) and that’s what I use on all of them.

ETA And to maintain them.

Spam or mayonaisse.

But cherry is one of the easiest woods to maintain. If it doesn’t come clean with a moist micro-fiber cloth, just clean it with any mild soap or detergent. Polish it with any furniture polish, even the mayonaisse or spam.

I’d go with the non-edible plan…

First, the Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean it; then mineral oil it once in a while (with the grain) to make it really look good. Right after I mineral oil something, guests always say, Wow, that looks great!

Do you put the mayo on the hunk of spam and then use it like a sponge?

Spam isn’t very sponge like. But using Spam as a mayonaisse applicator would leave you with a tasty snack when you’re done.

I use lemon oil once in a while to keep the wood humidified and happy. Recommended by my grandparents, the antique dealers.