Taking electronics from USA to NZ

So, we’re going to New Zealand for a bit. And we’re taking various electronic devices along with us. While I’m comfortable plugging a hairdryer or a razor into one of those $3 AC outlet travel adapters, I’m a bit less comfortable plugging my laptop into one.

Is one of those plug adapters all that I’ll need? Should I have something more robust/advanced for sensitive electronics?

And does Apple make a NZ-style plug (Type I) that slides right into their MacBook AC power adapter? Seems like there ought to be one that fits there…

Check the label on the transformer for your laptop. If it says something like “110-240V”, then you just need a plug adapter

Ah! The mac’s AC adapter says 110-240. Handy! Now I have to double-check all the rest of my electronics…

IME, it’s becoming just a bit challenging to find portable electronics that don’t accept 120-240V.

You have your comfort feelings somewhat backwards. Many modern electronic devices like laptops etc have smart switching power supplies so, as others have said, laptops etc are nearly all 110-240 volts these days. That means you only need to deal with the physical connection, ie get a cheap adapter or a different power cable.

Hair dryers etc are a different story. I suspect most hair dryers sold in the US are 110 volts only. They really could go BANG if you plug them into 230 volts. It just may have a little sliding switch to select the voltage but I doubt if they are auto switching. Read the writing on it before plugging in. Especially if you’re holding onto it in a bathroom!

You can get a transformer but it may be less hassle to simply buy a cheap hair dryer in NZ. Things with motors might run a little slower because of the 60 to 50 Hz frequency difference.

Does your laptop use a 2-pin or a 3-pin connector? Be careful that many of the cheap travel adaptor only work for 2-pin connector. I’ve only dealt with adaptors for British style outlets, so your mileage may vary, but all the ones I can get in the US only have a dummy plastic earth pin. Also, none of them have the required 13 A fuse, which is needed for safety due to the way British outlets are wired.