Taking food into another country

I’m going on vacation to Male This Saturday We private resort.The only thing on the island will be the resort itself And the only places to eat will be at the restaurant that are in the resort. I wanted to bring who’d with me to the resort, but I am wondering if I can take food into another country. Are there any sort of restrictions on what food I can Into another cInto another country?

There usually are, but they vary by country.

For Mali, the webpage of their Customs is set in a way that calls for a list of banned products, but the list is actually not available. You can use this contact form to ask for it, or try their embassy (the webpage is corrupted).

I’m going to guess that the OP is not talking about the country Mali, a landlocked desert country which I would be surprised to find has any island resorts, but Mali Island Resort in Thailand. (Though I suppose he could be referring to the town of Male in the Maldives.)

I think the OP needs to turn autocorrect off before proceeding further. :wink:

No, not Mail,but Male, as in the Maldives.

I’m guessing here, but I think it’s more likely the OP is going to the Maldives (the capital of which is called Malé). Better known as a destination for resort vacation than Mali.

Well in that case, this is the page of their customs service and here the contact of their embassy in NY.

And you owe me at least a meal for the service.

Looks like the OP is OK unless he plans to pack a live pig in his luggage. (Although alcohol is also prohibited.)

Just looking at the travel information for Male, it sure seems like a lot more then just a resort. Should be plenty of places to eat great local food.


What’s wrong with the food at the resort?

Looking at the map there seems to be a huge selection of places to eat. To me, the problem would be in choosing.

If you have a dietary restriction, make sure to let them know.

As a general rule though, fresh food of all sorts is out, as it can contain insects or insect eggs, diseases, and other bad things to spread. Processed and packaged stuff is normally OK, as long as it doesn’t cross other lines, like religious or political food import restrictions. Sometimes places don’t allow open packages, so that too…

We loved the food in Malé (the city, not a resort). At your resort, you probably will not find much local food which is a shame. Too many people go the the Maldives and never really see the Maldives at all.

It’s the only thing to eat, which means it will be way over priced. It’s not like I can go to a supermarket and buy something cheaper. Will I need a visa, or will my passport be good enough?

You’re going in two days, and you haven’t checked if you need a visa yet?

It’s just strange - I’ve never heard of a resort that didn’t have breakfast and dinner, at least, included in the price.

That’s a good question. What I’m wondering is why would you go halfway around the world to a resort on a flyspeck of an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean without checking whether the meals are included (and if not, how much they cost) and even the menus to see if they have food you like to eat (and can eat, if you have dietary restrictions)? Especially given that you said that there’s no place to eat outside of the resort. Plus part of the reason for going on vacation is having someone else do the work you normally do. Like preparing meals. (I could see bringing some snacks as comfort food for the hotel room. But for the meals themselves, I want to go out to eat.)

In my experience most of these places have their menus available online.

Maldives Immigration site says you don’t need to organise a visa in advance - you will be issued with a free 30-day visa on arrival.