Taking kids to concerts? (Four Bitchin' Babes et al)

(Quick backstory: I’m dating someone who has two kids and shares 50/50 custody with his ex. The girls are 10 and 4 respectively.)

I’m going to buy tickets for a concert that should be ok for them to see (Four Bitchin’ Babes) there’s the song about Viagra that might raise an eyebrow but from what I’ve seen before the songs that might get the PG-13 rating are phrased as such that they’ll go over their heads.

So the question is, buy 4 tickets or get two and a sitter? I’m also curious on opinions for other bands/artists etc too. (And yes, I’ll ask the father too before I drop some dough on tickets, just wondering what the Dopers opine).

(Ukelele Ike, please move to IMHO if it’s more appropriate.)

I’d say, at most, to buy three tickets and get a babysitter for the 4 year old. Concerts can get pretty loud and it might be a bit much for someone so young.