Taking screenshots in DOS mode

I need help taking screenshots from a game that runs in fullscreen DOS mode under windows (win98SE) only. It will not run under pure DOS.
The Print Screen key does not work as usual, but instead sends a signal to the printer, who makes “waking up” noises, but doesn’t print anything - not that I wanted it to.
I tried SnagIt, a screen capture program, but it would only produce streaks and random looking pixels.
Am I trying the impossible? Anyone knows some tips?

Make a shortcut to the program if you haven’t already. Right-click it, hit Properties, and go to the Misc tab. Make sure that the PrtSc box is checked. This should send the screen contents to the clipboard when you hit the PrintScrn key.

I tried that, but… no reaction at all :frowning:
But still thanks :slight_smile: