Taking the right to bear arms a bit too far

From today’s Boston Globe:

The man is a strict constructionist, that’s for sure.

Since when is it illegal to have guns in your car, or home?

I know of no prohibition in the home, unless one is convicted felon. In the car, it differs from state to state. With a CCP, I’m OK anytime. Without a CCP, transport from point of purchase to home, transport from home directly to place of business and back, and transport from home directly to shooting range and back is permissible with the weapon unloaded. Just driving around with it isn’t.

well, i have seen signs posted in a number of towns saying that the area around a school is ‘gun free’ and that they cant have guns at all…personally, if I had been living there before the school went in, or those signs went up, I would be making a fast visit to a constitutional lawyer myself. I will not have them fuck with my consitutional rights, I am not a felon, and have every right to keep firearms for huntiong and self defense in my house.

Well, this was not really intended to be a 2nd Amendment thread, just a little mundane and pointless story about a prosthetic arm. But since the topic was raised, I have a vague recollection that this guy was driving around with loaded guns, and that none of his guns were registered or licensed or whatever you have to do in Massachusetts.*

  • I am not a Massachusetts resident, what do I know.

QUOTE: Boston Globe: Teacher sentenced on weapons charges:
In addition, during a search of Bridge’s home, police found the prosthetic arm of a 15-year-old girl who attends Hampshire Regional High School. She had brought it to school to show other students, and it was stolen when she left it behind, according to Assistant District Attorney Michael Cahillane. Bridges has not yet been arraigned on a charge of receiving stolen property in connection with the stolen arm.

Yeah, but was it an assault arm? :slight_smile:

I’m glad he wasn’t arming bears. A grizzly is bad enough without a .40 Glock.

What if the leg wasn’t really stolen? :eek:

I’m still lost. I’m waiting for details of his "crime’.

Call me naive, but if he got ‘caught’ holding a prosthetic arm of a student in his high school, I, being not a student, could argue that he was holding it to return it to her. How a prosthetic arm turns into an assault arm is beyond me.

I’d like some details, and beyond the OP, before I start ranting and raving. You all know I HAVE “ASSAULT” WEAPONS * in my closet, locked and unloaded, but I’m just making a point.

Yes, the CAPS was on to attract the FBI, CIA, ATF, and other agencies to myself. I’ll take point on this one, thankyouverymuch.

Ooh, doubly scary are bears with opposable thumbs. He was going to attact the prosthetic arm to the bear and then fit a holster for the gun.

When prosthetic arms are outlawed, only outlaws will have prosthetic arms!

Now kids, before we go running off to the NRA about somebody being oppressed (help help and all that) can we get a post regarding what Massachusets laws the gentleman in question is accused of breaking? Not that I’m against gun rights threads :rolleyes: , but can we at least have some info before we go off all half cocked.

Not to mention that the guns weren’t even the point of the thread. The dude stole a girls prosthetic arm at school. Tripler, I’m sure that the lawyes will make try to make the point that he had recovered it and was going to return it, but having it in his house does make it a bit fishier. It’s a bit like taking a fifty dollar bill off of a table in a restaurant and putting it in your wallet for safekeeping.

If in fact he did ahem disarm the girl in a larcenous manner, is this the sort of person we want having mulitple firearms :stuck_out_tongue: