Taking vitamin c and calcium together?

I take both of these supplements. Since vitamin c is an acid and calcium is a base will they counteract each other if I take them together? Would I absorb less of the nutrients?

Your digestive acids and basis are stronger than the vitamin c and calcium, so will pull them apart.

Calcium absorption, though, is a difficult thing. The cheap chalk (calcium carbonate) doesn’t absorb as well as combinations with citric acid or other compounds. Also I strongly suggest taking calcium together with phosphorus, as that is the combination that is stored in bones. The supplement I take is Carson Labs Liquid Calcium.

There is far more acid in your stomach than in supplements.

As far as calcium, taking it with vitamin D is better. And the calcium citrate form is absorbed better.

Also taking it with magnesium might be helpful. A good form of that is magnesium citrate in 300mg doses.