Tales of Terror: Cafeteria Food Apocalypse!

For the most part, school or company cafeterias do a pretty impressive job of feeding a lot of people and considering all possible dietary concerns, on limited money and resources.

However, sometimes they really drop the ball.

A couple of days ago, my school cafeteria had broccoli cheese soup. My favorite. I was even happier to find out that the soup itself was actually a cheese color. So I got a big heaping bowl of it and sit down.

The first mouthful tasted kind of tangy. I stirred up the soup, thinking they’d put peppers in it or something. No peppers. Oh well.

A few mouthfuls later, I realize what I’m actually eating.

The soup stock is - and I am not at all kidding here - slightly watered-down Six Flags-esque nacho topping, sparsely sprinkled with broccoli.

I pushed it to the side and got something else. When I was done eating, I tried stirring the soup, but it had congealed into a neon orange blob reminiscent of Silly Putty.

My digestive tract senses danger!