Tales of the helicopter!

Wow. When can I do this again?

That’s all I could think about after taking a helicopter tour of Kauai
last weekend. Our pilot, Ed, was casual and funny and gorgeous, but most of all experienced, having flown for Air Kauai for over 16 years. The noise-reduction headphones were great ($1200 each)
and we had nice wide windows to look out. As we flew over the Na Pali coast, a pod of whales could be seen frolicking in the sea.
We were treated to hidden waterfalls, canyons and sparkling beaches. The flight itself was unreal - as close to floating in the air as a human can be. There were times that we were headed directly toward a mountain, and then we would just turn gently and change direction. It really was the highlight of our trip.

So, Johnny L.A., are you still in LA and, if so, when are you gonna fly over to Palm Springs and give the Beckwalls a thrill???
We are ready to fly!!!

Sadly, I’m not current at the moment. AND I HATE IT!!! But for a while I was on the “lay-off list” and I had to watch my funds. There is no longer a list, but now I’ve made an offer on a house. But never fear! I’ll get current again when things settle down a bit! :slight_smile: