Tales told about a moron, full of wit and hilarity

Start here. This post sets things up, and it provides a classic definition of stupidity:

(If I were Tuckerfan, I’d have a link to a Pete Puma audio file about here.) Skippy, the blogger I’m linking to, dealt with a stupid SGT when he was doing EOT duty (a glorified secretary, maid, and groundskeeper, only without the glory) in the Army. Skippy calls her SGT Generic.

Prepare to cringe.

You think I’m done, don’t you? You think that’s as bad as SGT Generic gets. You haven’t read the next blog post yet.

You should really just read the whole second blog post. It’s about as short as the excerpt I just posted of his first post and it can’t be trimmed without doing some damage to the narrative. Skippy really knows how to build up a punchline.

… Dude, you never heard of Skippy’s List? This. Is the guy.

Skippy is funny as hell. And true as hell. And he IS the PsyOps mascot!

Of course I know Skippy’s List. It’s the reason I know of his blog at all. I just didn’t link to it because it didn’t seem relevant.

I was wrong, of course. Funny is always relevant.