Talk about your experiences with Spoken Word performers.

I’m going to see Jello Biafra do Spoken Word on the 6th, I don’t know exactly what’s it’s going to be about, but it should be fun.

Anyways, feel free to talk about anything related to Spoken Word performances / performers.

I’ve seen Jello before-- he’s mostly what I would characteroize as a political speaker-- no biting off chicken heads or G.G. Allin style antics. It WILL be about George W. and the World Bank and that sort of thing-- trust me. It was the 3d of July in Portland during the Gulf War, and I do believe he did a good job of inciting riot (there was a fancy war-monger style 4th of July parade the next day, and I recognized many of the more industrious perps from the show). A good time was had by all.
Saw Spalding Grey the other day-- very different but very worthwhile. The man is great.

I’ve seen Jello Biafra speak a few times, and it was always pretty hilarious. He’s a vicious satirist and he’s been doing it for a while, so he knows his stuff. Henry Rollins is supposed to be quite the storyteller as well, and you should never pass up the opportunity to see Laurie Anderson if she comes to your town, although she’s a different kind of trip.


Holly Hughes, member of the NEA Four, is quite a fun person to see live. I’ve seen her show twice, and she is always interesting, funny, and moving. I highly recommend seeing her if you get the chance.

Her book Clit Notes is also worth a read.

My first foray into TV (public-access) production was a taping of a 1988 Henry Rollins spoken-word performance at Borsodi’s, the now defunct coffeehouse on the outskirts of the U.C. Santa Barbara campus. His performance was 1/4 raunchy stand-up comedy and 3/4 “take a long look at the horror that is my psyche” type of material. The audience’s reaction ranged from gut-busting laughter to deathly silence. I remember specifically a poem he read about his mother, with whom he has major issues with, and how he fantasized about putting a gun in her mouth and pulling the trigger. A major feel-good experience.

I saw Henry when I went to America, in some dive outside of Nashville. Well worth the ticket.

My 2 best friends just returned from seeing Spaulding Grey somewhere in California. They said it was choice.

But the prime date of the decade, of course, is Dr. Pinky, in Seattle, the middle of August; national poetry slam.

Bring your bail money, bring your mum, a good time is guaranteed for all.

I’ve wanted to see Jello live for a long time (over ten years, yikes I’m getting old…) but have never gotten the opportunity. I’ve listened to his spoken performances on CD, and they are pretty great.

I got to see Henry Rollins in October of '98. He spoke at a college, and I was there, front row. His material now is more funny stuff that has happened to him, his own unique and humorous view of the world and life. He doesn’t dwell much on his personal hang ups during stand up, although if you read any of his books he does get into it there. He really is a smart guy with a great sense of humor. I’d love to see him again, but it looks like he’s not coming to OK this time. Oh well…