Talk to me about camera phones.

Who has one? What kind? Do you like it? Do you use it? What wireless plan do you have?
I think I want a camera phone, but no one I know has one.

I did a search, but didn’t come up with a recent thread about this, so I hope I’m not duplicating one.


Does nobody here have a camera phone?

They suck compared to real cameras. 1 megapixel is high. Even worse, the one you buy today will be obsolete in a few months.

I needed a phone so I got an LG cameraphone with Verizon (I got a good deal). The phone is great as a phone and it’s about the size of a Motorola M60 without all the suckitude.

There’s no flash and the pictures are of mediocre quality.

Don’t bother. In a year, I’ve taken 12 pictures with mine. None of them are worth printing or even emailing.

Why bother?

They’re just a glitzy but useless way for the phone companies to jack up the prices of cell phones. I’m usually quite a technophile, but the only bell and/or whistle I’d like in a phone is IM/e-mail with a full QWERTY set on the phone. :cool:

I was checking out new mobile phones just a few weeks back. I wasn’t impressed with any camera mobiles I saw so I decided against one.

In the future this might be a workable thing, but I think now they are just at toy/gizmo stage.

Legislation and corporate policies will probably kill camera phones in fairly short order.

A lot of schools are banning them, on top of already restrictive policies regarding students’ use of cell phones.

They’re being banned from places like swimming pools, gyms and locker rooms.

My employer has banned the use of camera phones in all operational areas.

Mix that with the fact that they don’t take terribly good pictures to begin with, and this will probably just be a fad, much like the short-lived video phone systems you could buy at Office Depot just a few years ago.

on the otherhand, I loves me my (now) old-school Nokia 7650. It’s the shizzle.

I have a seimens MC60. It has photos of family on it. Mediocre quality, no flash, looks a lot better on a computer than on the phone. (ie, takes higher res than can display)
I got it for AU$200 (US$140), pre paid. You can get em for AU$150(US$105) though.
And yeh yeh yeh, I know it’s a fad, but it was a birthday present.

I got a camera phone (Sony Ericsson T616) because there were so many rebates on it I actually made out +$50 on it. Plus, the little technophile geek inside just had to have a camera. Good thing I didn’t know they had video phones out yet. Anyway, it’s a gimmick. The resolution of the camera is on the order of craptacular to graintastic. No flash means indoor pictures tend to also suck. The camera on the whole, however, is quite good, and I do like having the picture of the person calling popping up when it rings.
I doubt they’ll ever go away despite their being banned in an ever increasing number of places. I mean, they have video phones now. I can’t imagine they’d want to spend more money developing that technology if they thought it’d be illegal in a few years.

Thanks for the input…

I know they are a fad…that’s why I want one. I don’t usually go in for fads, but they seem kinda fun. And I don’t know anyone who has one yet, so I would get to be first!

I know they take poor quality pics, but I have a really nice camera for serious photography, and a fairly nice digital camera as well.

What prompted me looking into it is that I am currently with Verizon and I’m due for a free phone upgrade (or $100 toward any phone purchase) and I was looking at the camera phones, mostly for the novelty and fun.

msmith537 it sounds like you have the very phone I was looking at. Thanks for the info.

I have a Nokia 3200. I used to have a Nokia… 3600? Or 3610? It’s the one with the round dial and the big screen.

I kind of like having a camera phone, it’s occasionally fun. For example, I am in the process of buying a house, and during the inspection, I snapped a few pictures of various rooms so I could start planning my furnishings.

However, it’s a bitch to get the pics off the phone. With the 3200, I basically have to email them to myself, which costs 50 cents a pop. With the 3600, it had Bluetooth, so I could just zap it to my PC.

My recommendation: don’t bother shopping for a particular camera phone. Get one if it doesn’t cost any more than other phones, and get one with either Bluetooth or a connector cable if at all possible.

I have a Treo 600 - it’s not exactly a camera phone as much as a Palm PDA that just happens to have a phone and camera built in - the camera is only VGA res, but it takes about the best quality VGA snaps I’ve seen - they aren’t any good for any kind of serious photograph, but they are useful for:

Snapping a quick picture of an address/map/phone number, instead of manually transcribing it from a poster or flyer

Taking pictures as evidence that something or other happened, or that you actually went to such and such a place

Electronic holiday postcards (I snapped one of myself and the family on the beach, attached it to a bit of waffle in an email and sent it to the folks at work right there and then)

Mobile webcam - I’ve got an FTP app, so (in theory - I haven’t tested it yet) I should be able to update a photographic blog/journal while out and about, or update a webcam from a concert or other such outdoor event.

You could just sign up for a free moblog account with textamerica, which does exactly what you’re talking about, if I’m reading you correctly. I’ve had one for several weeks, and haven’t updated it as much as I could, but it’s fun.

So, yeah, I have a Motorola V300. As others have said, the picture quality is pretty low, but I don’t use it for anything I want a solid picture of. I use it for quick snapshots, ‘sketches’, if you will. The above mentioned ‘moblog’ is a fun way to instantly send a picture out to a bunch of friends. I used it when I was on vacation a few weeks ago, and got a good response from friends, even though the picture quality was low. I also had a ‘real’ camera with me, and found myself taking very specific types of photos with the two different cameras. Shots I would probably not really take with the ‘real’ camera I was all over with with the phone cam. If you use the cell phone cam in the right way and for the right things, I think the low quality can even become part of the charm.

It’s cool to take pictures of the people in your phonebook so that their grill shows up when they call you. Otherwise, yeah the quality sucks.


I have a VGA1000 by Samsung. The pictures, as others have said, are mediocre quality but I think they’re quite fun :slight_smile: . Forget taking photos of things from a distance, but up close, I’ve actually gotten a few good ones when the phone was held steady. You’re obviously not going to use your phone as your main camera.

(by the way, the phone I have has just dropped down in price significantly. It’s a good quality phone for only $80 now.)

I’ll check that out (although I may not be able to sign up, as I’m in the UK) - on thinking about it though, what I might do, if I have need of such a thing, is to set up an old machine at work as a dedicated server; I could probably throw together a bit of software that strips the text and image attachment out of an incoming email, wraps it in a blog template and uploads it automatically for me; then all I’d have to do is email the blurb and picture to the server.

I’ve got a Nokia 3650. The pictures aren’t good for print as they’re only 640 x 480, but they’re surprisingly clear if the lighting’s good. They’re just a bit of fun. The phone also records 10-second clips of video, though of appalling quality. For examples of the picture quality, here’s a load of pictures I took on a recent trip to Hungary.

I have the same phone. It has infra-red, so if you have an infra-red port thingy, you don’t have to pay to get the photos onto the computer.

I love it. I don’t have a camera other than the one on my phone and I just love taking pictures. It’s great if you have a journal on your computer too, you can have pictures of your day! It’s great! I use my camera quite a lot.