Talking about "8-ball pool" on my Iphone

I’ve been playing a few years. Anyone else play?

I want to talk about the program and it’s deviation from the physics. I think it’s programmed to make you scratch or lose when you make some hard shots with power. And I’m a little pissed.

It seems like an ingenious app other than that.

No one plays 8-ball pool?

Are there any other pool apps that are better?

No 8 ball pool players?

Just so that you don’t think everyone is ignoring you or not reading your thread… No, I don’t play any sort of pool video game on my phone or other platform. I used to play pool as a kid on my family’s old Mac but that was over 30 years ago.

Picked this up a couple weeks ago for the i-pad after seeing this thread and glad I did. Really, really fun little on-line game.
I think the physics engine has some randomness to it to keep things interesting. For example I can use the same cue and break at full power without ever moving the cue ball or stick and the breaks are always different.
Some shot are also way to easy (shooting vertical or horizontal down a rail, or knocking in any ball that is within 10" of a pocket no matter how far away the cue ball is) vs. really difficult shots (cross table shots where the cue ball and target ball are next to eachother).
What countries is this game popular in? Seems about 95% of the time I play I get matched up with someone outside the US.

Resurrecting this zombie to say that I am hooked on this.

Is there a Betty Ford for 8BP?