Tallest a wooden skyscraper could be?

Lets presume that we want it to have similar total area per story as the erstwhile WTC towers were (a box shape). How tall could it be? An all wooden structure as well as one which has a bit of iron/steel struts in support like the sailing ships of old.

A 16-story building is planned, FWIW:


Kirkenes, Norway, better have an excellent fire brigade, including a long snorkel truck or two. :dubious:

Current tallest wooden building is 505 ft and 13 stories. That was finished in 2007 so is possibly close to our limits. I can’t find a height for the Barents Building, only “16 stories” which is a meaningless comparison, given that the articles I’ve read about it seem to think the current tallest wooden building is only 144 ft (which no longer stands). Also, some people seem to differentiate residential and other buildings.

I haven’t watched it, but FWIW, there is a recent TED talk extolling the virtues of wooden skyscrapers. The blurb claims 30 stories is possible.