Taming of the Shrew, who is who in this all star cast.

OK, you have Annette Bening, Rita Wilson and Christina Applegate.

If Christina is Bianca, since she is the youngest, I’m guessing Bening is Kate, then that makes Wilson, the widow that marries Hortensio?

and the others?

William Shatner has to be the father (Baptista).

I’m having difficulty seeing Tim Allen as Petruccio, but even more seeing Shatner in that role. Do you think Allen could be Christopher Sly?

David Schwimmer as Lucentio (Bianca’s suitor)? If that’s the case, then I’m seeing Sean Astin as his servant, Tranio. Though I suppose it’s just as possible that Zach Braff is Lucentio, and Schwimmer and Astin are the two old guys who court Bianca, Gremio and Hortensio.

This means, by my calculation, that the auctioned-off role is . . . Petruccio?

I wonder if they’re doing the whole play…then William Shatner would make a rockin’ Christopher Sly. Otherwise, he’s Vincentio.


Christopher Sly - Drunken Tinker
Bartholomew - A Page (later pretends to be Sly’s wife)
Baptista Minola - Father of Katherine and Bianca
Vincentio - Father of Lucentio
Katherina (Kate) - The “shrew” of the title
Petruchio - Suitor and later husband of Katherine
Bianca - Sister of Katherine; the ingenue
Lucentio - Suitor of Bianca (later disguised as the teacher Cambio)
Gremio - Elderly Suitor of Bianca
Hortensio - Suitor of Bianca (later disguised as the teacher Licio)
A Pedant (later impersonates Vincentio)
Tranio - Servant of Lucentio (later impersonates Lucentio)
Biondello - Servant of Lucentio
Grumio - Servant of Petruchio
Curtis - Servant of Petruchio
Nathaniel - Servant of Petruchio
Joseph - Servant of Petruchio

A Haberdasher
A Lord
Peter - Servant of Petruchio
A Tailor
A Widow - eventually marries Hortensio
Hostess of an alehouse
Huntsman of the Lord

I think Sean Astin would be Grumio, Petruchio’s main servant.

Shatner as Gremio, the old suitor to Bianca. But Shatner doesn’t need help getting the ladies to fall for him.

Funny, I don’t remember Gremio’s shirt being ripped off in the play.