Tampa Area Dope Fest? Is it possible?

Hey Hey Hey, I’m going to be in Tampa next month. Flying in on the 11th and flying home on the 17th. Any chance of a min-fest or dinner duringthat time (except Saturday and Sunday when I’ll be in Miami)? I’d love to meet some of the Fla dopers.

I’m IN!! I think we are already trying to do a Strawberry Festival thing around that time. I think it might be a little later though. But whatever. . .

What is bringing you to Tampa? Dont forget your shorts and sandals. I had the top down on the convertible all day today…

Not sure how possible a Tampa Dopefest is, though. I think the biggest ever was like 6 people. Usually they average about three. But there seems to be a hekuva lot more Tampa Area Dopers lately. Maybe this one will kick ass?

BTW, what time are you flying in? Need a ride from the Airport? Cabs suck! Let’s face it… public tansportation in Tampa just plan sucks, period. One has to have a car here. If there is a house with 5 people, there will be at least 4 cars in the driveway…
Kinda explains the god-awful traffic.
But anyway, if you get in in the early evening I wont mind shuttling you. Not like I need to take off work or anything… :sigh:

Well, hecky darn! I’m going to be home on the 21st, right after you leave. I don’t suppose you could change your plans just to accomodate me?

And Bear_Nenno, we are planning a Strawberry fest get together, I think that’s the weekend after I get back, though.

Tampa dopefest snicker

Those never work. lol.

I was part (actually organizer) of the largest Tampa dopefest which consisted of myself, Bear, Broccoli, and true pices. Bear is right, if the actually materialize, its usually in groups of three

To keep with tradition, I will probably not attend this one. Have a blast though. The Strawberry festival is fun though.

Actually, we did have a Tampa Renfaire Fest that had about 12 people, at least 6-8 of them dopers. But that was like…4-5 years ago?

We’re moving to the area around June, although I’ll be in and out between now and then. If you decide to go ahead with the February one and I’m in town I’ll certainly attend.

As an aside: Are any of you in Pinellas County, or is everyone over on the Tampa side? I think that LouisB is in Seminole, but beyond that?

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A plane is bringing me to Tampa :slight_smile: Thanks for the offer for a life but I’ll be renting a car for the time I’m down. This way I can escape to Southbeach for Saturday and Sunday.

Seriously I have some time off from work so I decided to come come to Fla and visit my aunt. I haven’t seen her new house yet and I mss her,

I’ll have my shorts, t-shirts and sneakers with me. I don’t do sandals.

Lucretia Sorry but I cam’t change my plans. I’m taking off three days as it is. I’m off Thursday and Monday so I added Wed, Fri, and Tuesday to the mix. So I’d like to do a dinner thing on Thursday, Friday or Monday of we can pull it off.

Depending on what’s going on here at work, I may slide over there from Orlando for the evening.

I don’t think I’ve ever attended a Dopefest in Tampa, not counting the Pez/Broccoli/killdare meet-up in Ybor so long ago. There was one in Sarasota, though! The attendees were me, Uncle Bill, True Pisces, and OICU.

Hillsborough county here. Never attended a Dopefest but I’m game. You’ll are my bunch of wierdos.

Oh and MannyL, you may want to bring one set of warm clothes. It does dip down around here to the high forties, low fifties this time of year.