Tampa Dopers: Hostage Crisis at Shooting Sports

There’s a hostage crisis situation at Shooting Sports–a local gun range. I can’t wait to get the details on this one. Sure, a gun range is an easy place to get a gun and some bullets, but it’s also a place likely to have armed patrons and employees!

This will be fun.

Oh, Christ, the last thing that’s needed in a situation like this is some idiot with a gun going off half-cocked. Leave it to the professionals.

:eek: Prayes sent for a non-gory resolution!

They were talking about this on the radio during the drive home. Initial call in was just before 5 pm. Should have some resolution by now?

This one might go on for a while. Considering this guy has dozens and dozens of firearms, rifles, at least two machine guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition at his disposal, I dont think the SWAT Team is dying to go rushing in there.

Just looked on www.tbo.com. No new updates so far.

Looks like everyone lived through it but the criminal.

The morning news report said that the guy entered the facility without a weapon yet somehow managed to take several armed people hostage. I wonder if he used to sell timeshares?

Apparently there is a cow loose on the Crosstown Expressway near the Ybor City exit. No word yet on whether the cow is armed or mad.

It’s not hard to get a gun there. No background check, no wait, just point to the one you want. Hell, you dont even need any money at all. Just walk in and tell them you want to rent a gun and tell them how much ammo you need. They will run a tab until you are ready to check out after shooting.
So now you have a pistol (or rifle, or machine gun) and as much ammo as you need to fully load all the magazines, and you haven’t paid a dime. You’re now free to start taking hostages.

Is it me or that the dumbest way to run a business, ever? Heck, in a bowling alley, you have to pay for the shoe rental and the lane up front. :eek:

I’ve not been to this place. The one near me, which I’ve been to twice, I seem to recall we had to pay for ammo and gun rental up front, leave ID and CC for deposit, then settle up at the end. Also had to take a test on gun safety for them to hand me a gun, although they did not test for mental stability, otherwise no way they would have let me have live rounds.

I dunno, this is only the third time I’ve heard of someone not paying their tab. The other two shot themselves in the head as well.

I guess that’s why nobody goes to Knights to kill themselves. It’s too much of a pain in the ass.

Ah, so that’s why Dale Mabry was closed and the news was being all msyterious about it.

Seems like the guy was really disturbed. Perhaps he was hoping for Suicide by Cops but made the mistake of picking a place that was basically a fortress.