Tampa, Florida, Mayoral Election 03/01/11

There are five candidates (fortunately city law provides for a runoff if nobody gets 50%+1) (links are to candidates’ campaign sites):

Bob Buckhorn Tampa City Councilman. He is endorsed by the St. Petersburg Times.

Rose Ferlita Hillsborough County Commissioner.

Dick Greco Former Mayor of Tampa, 1967-1974, 1995-2003. Wants a fifth term.

Thomas Scott Tampa City Council Chairman.

Ed Turanchik Former Hillsborough County Commissioner. Endorsed by the Tampa Tribune.

I have not seen a single poll. I’m backing Turanchik because he has the biggest ideas – not only mass transit, but cleaning up our most impoverished neighborhoods.

I’m leaning towards Greco right now, but only because he’s the most amusing and I’ve not had time to learn about any of the other candidates. Also, since Westchase is not technically part of Tampa I won’t get a vote. How does Turanchik plan to deal with the hosing Tampa’s going to get from Tallahassee?

In a race like this, there’s only one really reliable method of polling, and that’s by asking people to buy cookies with frosting colored like the campaign colors of their favorite candidate.

Greco’s clearly in the lead in the cookie poll, with Ferlita running a ways behind.

Creative Loafing (which carries the SD) endorses Turanchik. So, that’s that! Election over! All thinking Tampans will vote for Turanchik!

“That’s fine, but I need a majority to win.”

– Adlai Stevenson

Finally, a poll. It shows Greco leading with 25%, Ferlita in second place with 20%.

It’ll be Ferlita vs. Buckhorn in the runoff, March 22.

That poll didn’t help Greco, Og love him. What do you think about Ferlita and Buckhorn?

Damn, I just saw a Ferlita ad attacking Buckhorn. Didn’t think this was going to go negative – it was pretty respectful all around the first round.

I saw a piece claiming Iorio wanted to remain neutral but then threw her support to Buckhorn when Ferlita went negative.

Anyway, Ferlita’s ad portrays Buckhorn as a career politician and herself as a businesswoman. Based on that alone I’d be for Buckhorn; a government is not a business. And Turanchik endorsed him too, and that clinches it for me.

FTR, Buckhorn won.