Tar: 04/19

And then there were five…

What are we going to see on this Part 2 episode? Who’s going tonight? Who’s going to go all Kojak on us? (Pictures Rambuh bald- hehhehheh- hey, a girl can hope!)

Two words: Killer Fatigue. It always seems to hit bad in India, and with an extended leg like this one, I think it’s going to take a toll on all the teams and will most likely affect how they perform on the roadblocks and detours.

I can’t wait.

I woudl normally agree about India and the fatigue but

The previews showed the teams attending some sort of festive night time festival and that is the kind of thing that re-invigorates people.

Maybe not if that’s the end of the super-leg they began in last week’s [Phil NZ accent] *aypisod * [/PNZa]. They’ll be dog-tired, especially the Golden Oldies, who are done for - especially if they drank the water.

From the previews, it sure looks like Uchenna is getting his head shaved. But who knows - that could be a local person, giving a demonstration.
I’m guessing it’s part of a Fast Forward.

I love how the ad refers to head-shaving as “the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!!!”

My suspicion is that whoever comes in last, it’s going to be a non-elim. But if it’s an elim, I’d love to see Romber go. But not until killer fatigue has truly made them its bitch, particularly Amber.

My guess about what was shown in the promo is that

The all-night festival may be a way to make them all stay up all night and not get any sleep, which after losing a chunk the previous night flying in from Africa should well and truly reduce them to exhausted ninnies.

I can’t wait. :smiley:

FYI - Guess who had their wedding filmed this weekend for a TV special??

Well, in defense of the promo monkeys, that’s certainly how Brandon & Nicole (Team God Squad) treated it during TAR5. They both acted as though their lives would end if a single hair (even split end) on one of their heads was harmed. So, you know, they’re just using what they’re given. Personally, there are only maybe two people on this current race who wouldn’t shave their heads for a million dollars, and those people are Rob and Phil. Everyone else probably would.

Who do you think they invited from Survivor and TAR?

I assume Burnett was there. He produced the ting.

Probst? Hatch? Crazy Cathy?

I think they should have Wrestling-like cutaways to other Survivors and TAR Racers trying to screw up the wedding.

  • A running bit where Lex is trying to get past security.
  • Lynn and Alex at home complaining because they weren’t invited.
  • Jerri getting too drunk at the rehearsal dinner.

Screw Burnett. Vince McMahon should have produced this thing?

Rumor has it at this point that only Colby and Rupert are still speaking to Rob and Amber. But that’s from the 'Net, so a pound of salt might be acceptable to take with that. It would be hysterical to hear Lynn & Alex wabbing about how they got these great shoes and now they can’t wear them, though.

:smiley: That’s funny.

What bugs me to no end is the fact that I know I’m going to be right in front of my TV on May 24th.

I am Mark Burnett’s bitch. sigh

Well, I read somewhere online – so you know it must be true :rolleyes: – that Rupert was seen at a public appearance the weekend of Romber’s wedding. So no tie-dye.

Personally, I’d love to see Lex there and watch his head explode when he sees how much Romber made from CBS – even if just in the free wedding – for its broadcast. Hee!

What happens when the three worst teams join forces?

Hilarity ensues. Please let this be as funny as I think it could be…

Gretchen’s screeching is beginning to cause nerve damage.

Joyce rocks!

That is all.

Joyce looks really good with her head shaved. I am relieved for her!

Kelly: “That hurt my bottom so bad but it was so much fun!!”

I am 100% positive that is the only time Ron will ever hear those words from her.

Joyce is my hero and I almost feel a little bit guilty for lusting after her husband. She is a beautiful woman and I actually think she’s prettier without her hair.

Are you there God? It’s me, rockle. Brandon & Nicole did not heed your signs. Joyce & Uchenna did. Please, let them win. Please. And if it’s OK, I think you can give the baby I’ve been begging for to them. What’s a few more months of waiting for me, when there are people in the world who clearly deserve children more than I do?
Seriously, J&U made me cry. And it was so worth it! Best damn show on television.

The guy who helped Gretchen into the elephant? He had both hands firmly on her butt. ~shudders~ Not attractive. Also, her constant screeching is annoying. We have a bad elephant? Get out of the damned thing!

Lynn and Alex should not be allowed to dance, ever. Comedy gold: When Lynn stands up in the taxi and looks behind him to see Meredith and Gretchen.
I can understand Joyce being upset about her hair. From what I’ve always understood, it can be more difficult for black ladies to grow their hair out than white ladies. I certainly wouldn’t want to have my head shaved…but then again, my hair is almost down to my butt. I don’t think I could do it.

I’m not upset at all about who is out this week. I’ve been tired of their whining and drama for a while now.