Tarantino rips off Rodriguez

Anyone seen the trailers for Kill Bill?
Looks like Tarantino has "adapted " Robert Rodriguez’ directing style.
Even the subject matter and music seem very similar.
I know they’re friends but I wonder how Rodriguez feels about it.

That’s OK, Rodriguez totally ripped off Tarantino’s style in From Dusk Till Dawn. Sometimes the lines seemed like they were coming out of Tarantino’s own mouth!

Tarantino and Rodriguez have been influencing each other and collaborating for years now. I doubt any ripping off is going on.

I’ve seen Kill Bill, Vol.1. It’s pure Tarantino, although he does thank Rodriguez (referring to him as “My Brother”) in the end credits.

The movie’s great, by the way. Go see it next week.

I agree with Larry Borgia. There’s a lot of mutual influence there. You could say just as well that Sam Raimi’s “A Simple Plan” was a stylistic rip-off of The Coen Brothers’ “Fargo”. In fact, the Coen brothers served as advisors for that film, since they had so much experience filming in the snow, and because they and Raimi were old friends. The same is true for Tarantino and Rodriguez.

cbawlmer, I’d be really interested in hearing any other comments you might have on Kill Bill if you wanted to start a thread. I’ll bet others would, as well.

Yes and Rodriguez (though he’s my favorite director) never ripped off anybody right?

Hmmm whistle hong kong whistle.

All good points. And I’m sure just having seen Once Upon a Time…
it’s all fresh and vivid in my mind.
I do acknowledge the Coen brothers/Sam Raimi influence.
And I’m sure someone can point out their favorite directors.

vibrotronica: I’ve been meaning to start one, but I need time to pretty much write up a mini-review, and my life hasn’t given me that chance since I saw it Wednesday. Hopefully this weekend I’ll write one. If I go through that effort, I might pimp it to some other movie geek sites that print that sort of thing too. :slight_smile:

But I’d love to discuss it here, because it had me grinning with delight about 3 frames in. Can’t wait to see it again!

Johnny Depp’s dialog in Once Upon a Time in Mexico also seems very reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s style of speech. At least that’s what I thought while I was watching it.