Target in the Bible Belt is selling Anne Rice's Beauty series

Holy freaking Jesus on a pogo-stick.

It’s all up there next to the Fifty Shades books, on an end display and everything.

Mind has been well and truly fucked. I think I just woke up in Bizarro-World.

Don’t worry–as soon as the local fundies find out, they’ll organize a boycott/bakesale to get Target to remove the books–and put them back after the furor has died down.

Call me when Wal-Mart picks the books up. Target is a bit more upscale, even here in the Bible Belt.

I picked one up years ago, and it was horrible.
Maybe someone talked Target into stocking them in an attempt to show
that “That kind of book is so bad, we should never allow them again.”

Many years ago, when I was living in Salt Lake City, the LDS bookstore, Deseret Books, claimed to only sell “correlated” books – i.e. those consistent with the faith and morals of a good Mormon.

The LDS woman I was dating at the time thought that was hilarious. She knew where all the hot and steamy passages in the Romance novels on the DB shelves were. Apparently the management didn’t pay close attention to the romances, and didn’t realize how soft-core porn they’d become.
I don’t think the Anne Rice books could’ve gotten out there, and the Fifty Shades books have a reputation that precedes them, but there’s still plenty of stealth porn out there.