Targets Unite! A Pittee Party (heh)

I’m mostly here for the jokes and trivia, which would make me N. Plus I love when the Pit generates fascinating conversations. Flowers can grow out of the muddy water, you know?

Occasionally I’ll tell someone they’re acting like a jerk.

And every great once in a while I will throw down.

So tell us again – Why did you quit being a moderator?

The short version is that I have PTSD, and as a moderator I could no longer choose which threads to engage with. I realized I needed help, so I stepped down and went out to get some.

Actually, only 2 or 3 of these are actually relevant to the experiences I’ve had here reading and commenting on threads. The purpose of the Pit is to allow people to vent on people, places, and things that upset them in one way or another, and it seems to serve that purpose well. You’re pitting of the Pit itself is an example of that, which is fine.

By this post, I hereby Pit this post for Pitting a post in the Pit.

The older I get the less time I have to waste on fools. More and more I just have the attitude that they are fools, they will always be fools, there is nothing to be done about them and there is nothing that can be done with them. They just have to be navigated around like a rock in your path.

That is, I’m not scared to address them directly, I just don’t see the point. Any more than I would see the point in trying to persuade a rock to stop being such a nuisance.

But so many on these boards just can’t stop kicking that rock…

Fighting Igneous Since 1973.

Boom tish!

I thought that was a typo for a second till I figured it out.

One man’s Boom tish is another man’s “Go to your room and think about what you did.”

I’m not sure where I fit in. I’m a stickler for context and try to determine what triggered the Pit rant.* I’ll summarize in a few snarky sentences and see if I set off a grenade.

*Most of the time, the OP provides a link. Other times, they refuse to because they don’t want the Pittee to see the Discourse-provided link to the Pit thread. Sometimes it’s a parody of a thread they assume every one knows about – THIS IS NEVER THE CASE. Finally, there’s the self-imploding threads where nobody identifies with the OP’s grievances and a reverse pile-on ensues.

Those are my favorites. Especially if the Pitter is full of Old Fart Pissiness and just assumes everyone shares their prejudices and triggeriness.

(Did I just make a new word? Can I © it? And get residuals when it catches on with the literati?)

More like a TED Bundy talk.