Tarzan: WB TV - he looks too Golden Boy!

I was getting excited about this new show, but Tarzan looks too fragile and feminine! The photos make him look rather passive. I was looking at the e-cards on Warner Brothers site, and if you aren’t looking closely, it’s hard to see who’s the woman and who’s Tarzan… :frowning: I may watch the premiere tonight, but I’m not hopeful.

Tarzan should be masculine and have short hair, defined facial features (i.e., square jaw) and ideally, is not blond, but brunette, on the swarthy, dark side. IMHO.


I’ve seen the promos on tv for it. The reviews in the local paper for this new show have been unfavorable.

But if you just want to see it for the eye candy, go for it.

Lucy Lawless will be in it according to this.


He kinda looks like Jason “Jay” Mewes.

“Aww, yea, Silent Bob, we’re gonna be swingin’ on some vines and wearin’ leopard skins.”

Tarzan should also look somewhat weathered… after all, he’s been outdoors every single day of his life.

He should have hairy legs, and possibly arms and chest… most Caucasian men do, and I don’t see Tarzan scraping a sharp rock over his entire body every day.

Tarzan should look the way Russ Manning drew him, IMHO.

Here you go Him strong like rhinocerous! Smart like well… umm… Him strong like rhinocerous!

But you all can just not watch it!! I have to tape the stupid thing because Mitch Pileggi’s in it!! A pox on me & my attraction to bald sexy men.
I am also bummed he’s such a pretty boy, cause I love my Tarzan. I really kinda hope that it’ll die quickly so I won’t have to endure it too much.
I think it’s a new Beauty & the Beast & I loathed that show.

Or, this is more like what I think of Tarzan:


I used to fantasize about the one on Saturday mornings:


Here we go:


Please…you mean to tell me nobody’s ideal Tarzan is Ron Ely?

sinks back into a nostalgic state of pre-adolescent gay crush

Masculine, sure, but where’s he get his hair cut in the jungle?

Well, surprise, surprise. It wasn’t very good.
Why do they feel the need to take Tarzan out of the jungle. Besides the fact that jungle sets are expensive, I mean.

Tarzan, king of the stray dogs just doesn’t have the same punch.

So…why does this thread have so many more responses than the ALIAS thread (direct competition)…we’re talking about a show most agreed would be trash vs. an award winning show…disturbing.

Damn—I know what you mean. I wouldn’t have watched it had it not been for Mitch Pileggi (who I always loved when he played Skinner on X-Files).

Our young Tarzan fellow is a little too “pretty boy” for me. Nice to see that Lucy Lawless is going to be in it, though.

I was intrigued enough to watch, but IMO they miscast the show all the way around. As others have said, Tarzan was too white bread. Nice abs, but he needed a stronger jaw and more ferocity in his eyes. Where did he acquire such beautiful blonde highlights in the jungle? And would Tarzan blow dry his hair and tie it back neatly in a pony tail? NOT.

And his chemistry with Jane? ZILCH.

Darn. So much potential.