Taser (stun guns)

Do the little things fired from the taser gun have to penetrate clothing to work? I mean do they just start conducting energey when they hit something? If so, would they drop somebody wearing a heavy winter coat?

Bonus question: how easy is it to hit a target with those little prongs on wires that shoot from the gun? How far away can you be and still not screw up if you aren’t a decent/consistent pistol shooter?

Sorry that this isn’t much of an answer (Im lazy) but you may or may not have seen this

Sorry for the hijack - I was reading the link posted by Jayrot and came across this regarding stun guns/tasers:

The way they phrased it, I’m wondering: is there a certain known physiological variation that offers some resistance to electrical shocks? Or is the above just an observation that some people, for whatever reason, “keep coming”?

I know that up here in Minnesota, one of the reasons city police have given for not using tasers more often was that they don’t work very well in a Minnesota winter. With people wearing multiple layers of clothing and bulky insulated or down jackets, there can be a good chance that they don’t actually stick into the person’s skin enough to give a good contact, and so the taser is not effective.

Here’s another link about one of the things failing to work properly.

So this is a 1990s Style Death Ray?

      • Yea but what if a guy with a stun-gun tries to shock a lady wearing on of them Russian coats with the stun-gun built in?

This might be old news, but…

According to comics writer Alan Moore, “taser” is an acronym for “Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle.” The inventor was a big fan of the old children’s series.