Tasering your... [tmi]

… genitals feels exactly like you’d expect tasering your genitals to feel, so take it from me, and don’t try it.

… I was bored and I thought I might stumble across something interesting.

If there’s a story behind this discovery, by all means please share.

No, not really. My friend got a taser a few weeks ago. So, naturally, we zapped the shit out of each other with it. Took progressive dares to outdo each other as far as which body parts to zap, and how long.

It occured to me for no particular reason that it might be interesting to zap that particular area while you were… er… finishing a personal activity. I figured maybe I’d discover something new and interesting, and I was bored.

So I told my friend about it, but he had to try it first. So the next time I see him, he’s not too pleased. Tells me he used it on his nuts, and that it made him jump 3 feet and he was out of commission for 10 minutes.

So I figured I might as well try further up.


crosses legs

talk about redundant advice. Don’t taser your genitals indeed. That one is even more obvious than don’t eat yellow snow.

Yeah, but is there a warning label that says DON’T taser your testicles :smack:
I see a lawsuit in the making if there isn’t :eek:

Word of warning. Jumping off bridges is also a bad idea. Just so you know… :wink:

If I’m bored, I polish my toenails or something. Granted, I’ve never had access to a taser, but still…ow.

There aren’t any warnings on knives either. So ya gonna try them in the same place you used the taser?

You mean the fact that you have to fire darts into your nuts wasn’t enough to stop you?

I think I can hear Darwin chuckling.

you numbnuts!

Next time somebody tries to tell me the Straight Dope is full of smart people, I’m hauling out this thread.

I hope desperately I never get that bored.


Johnny Knoxville? Is that you?

See, Lisa? Because of Daddy, they put a warning on it!

I think if one of my friends bought a taser, we’d probably spend five minutes or so zapping each other with it … on the arm, and stuff.


I’ll just jot this down on my list of things not to do.

Immediately following “Don’t carve out your pancreas with a rusty spoon”.
But certainly as important as "There is NOT a sport called the javelin catch.

They did something like this in the Jackass movie. I think Johnny Knoxville tasered his taint, though.

If you think about it, in a sense its not all that far removed from those home electrolysis kits women get to clear their bikini line…

The worst my friends and I ever did was spraying each other with those compressed air cans turned upside-down, which releases a super-cold spray that really burns one’s nipples.

That reminded me of a long-past incident. My freshman year in college, I was over at the frat house that one of my roommates had pledged to. Several of them were drunk (this is news?) and started in with the macho posturing bullshit. I was fairly aggravated with them and made the suggestion that A Real Man ™ would be able to piss on the sparkplug of a running lawnmower. One of them took me up on it.

I have never before or since seen someone urinate in reverse. But it was mighty amusing that day. :smiley: