Tastiest brand of store-bought hot dogs?

I’ve been on a hot dog kick recently (with sauerkraut). Usually I buy Hebrew National; I think they taste pretty good. What are some other tasty brands?

What do you put on your hot dogs? I like either sauerkraut and mustard or chili-cheese-mustard-onions.

(Yeah, I know they’re junk food. Sometimes you just gotta.)

I continue to recommend Boar’s Head as a brand. There are other all beef hot dogs that are good, but this is the best I can get on a regular basis. I prefer the natural casing type strung together, but they have a regular variety also. But it’s always all beef for me no matter the brand.

For some reason the Oscar Mayer bun-length taste better to me. (Ha! I typed ‘bung length’ initially.) I will have to try the Boar’s Head. Their deli meats are outstanding.

I like shredded cheese, banana peppers, and ketchup on my dogs, but of course admitting the latter is going to cause a large percentage of Dopers to become apoplectic.

I used to just get Oscar Myer dogs for the longest time, then on a whim tried Nathan’s and I’m never going back. I’ve had Hebrew National at a cart before and liked it, but was never that impressed. I’d like to try a Sabrett someday as I’ve heard those are popular at carts in NYC. I’d also try the Boar’s Head, but if they only do all-beef I’d pass, something about all beef dogs doesn’t taste right to me.

I usually only have kraut when I’m eating a brat or something similar, and then with spicy mustard. If it’s just gonna be a dog I always top it with yellow mustard, chopped onions, and hot dog relish.

I know this is going to sound really disgusting, but when my Dad was on a low carb diet when I was a kid, he fed us hot dogs with cottage cheese. I only looked at it funny for a second, and when I tried it I really liked it. I still eat that on occasion to this day. If you ever end up with both of those in your fridge at the same time, give it a shot.

Despite the criticism of peoples condiment choices, I don’t care what you put on your hot dog. I only care about what goes on my hot dog. So go ahead and put cottage cheese on yours if you like.

Wow. That reminds me that I need to buy cottage cheese when I go to the store later today.
And… what do you know? I need to buy hot dogs as well.
I don’t think so.

I like to hear about other people’s toppings. My late husband used to put mayonnaise on his. <shrug> Always willing to learn. I’m going to try Nathan’s. Talking about them has put me in the mood again…

Do y’all use regular hot dog buns? Bolillos? Plain bread?

Does anyone remember hot dog buns that had flat sides so they could be toasted? You got those buns at the 5 & dime where they were grilled on the flattop. Yum.

Do you mean New England style buns that are just slit on the top? I can’t avoid those things here in New England.

Is that what’s in the picture (link)? Maybe that’s where I remember them from… my childhood in Massachusetts. Don’t see 'em in Texas.

This is a local brand (Buffalo, NY), but the only brand of hot dogs I ever eat is Sahlen’s.

Hebrew National and Boars Head all beef are my favorite hot dog style sausages.

We only get hot dogs once or twice a year, but when we do it’s either Nathan’s or Sabrett, both with the skin/natural casings. We really should get them a bit more often, as I can never decide what to put on them. Just plain is great; fully loaded with 'kraut, catchup, mustard, relish, etc.; somewhere between with just one condiment… but I can’t really eat five or six at one sitting.

Used to eat Armour’s, then switched to Oscar Mayer - got away from them when they switched to their ‘Premium’ Beef hot dogs a few years back. They changed something about the skin that threw the texture way off for me. Currently, I enjoy Hebrew National.

Ball Park. That’s all my husband will eat.

Save-a-Lot store brand all beef hot dogs are the best off-brand dog I’ve ever tasted. They pretty much taste like Nathan’s, but with a finer texture.

If I may be allowed a minor hijack, what constitutes a hot dog? Which is to say, what makes a hot dog different from other sausages?

Didn’t notice the link before. Yup, them’s the ones. Don’t like them myself for hotdogs. Fine for something that needs toasting like a lobster roll. But like the toppings, eat whatever you want. I don’t like to hear people whine about me putting mustard on french fries. As long as it’s not Marmite, eat whatever you feel like.

I think I’ll make up a a big batch of Hypocrisy Dogs tonight-Hebrew National 1/4 pounders wrapped in bacon.

FTF all the Hebrew National fans in the thread:
Why is it that on all other nights during the year we eat either hamburgers or hotdogs, but on this night we eat only hotdogs?

Hey, why not go all the way and add cheese! :wink: