Tattoo Warning Labels on Straight Dopers.

With Cigars and Cigarettes and Alcohol needing warning labels nowadays, I though it would be a good idea if another addictive substance required them. Straight Dope members. Tatooed on their forehead so everyone knows.

Coldfire:warning: May consume mass amounts of beer and pour out noxious fumes from the posterior.

ChiefScott: Spends many months at sea. Randiness factor high.

Omni: Over 18 only. Has habit of showing shiny white ass.

DavidB: WARNING: Will smash your unfounded beliefs. Also might be steal your hats.

bj0rn: WARNING: guranteed not is Sense making.

Those are some easy ones.
Anyone have others?


An even easier one.

Silent Bob:

me: This Way Up

Moi: “Contents Under Pressure”

For myself:

Numerals may not be pronounced.

<b> Brunetter </b> : Will flirt without warning or provocation.


Sylence: Kills threads at random.
– Sylence

ChiefScott - a smiley face with a line through it.

Ayesha - an eagle with ‘Deal With It’ underneath it’s wings

LionSOB - Ayesha’s face with ‘She’s With Me’

aha - picture of a CD with 'Care to Go ‘Round & Round?’

Libertarian - a picture of the White House with a ‘For Sale’ sign posted in front

Homer - Pretty girl with ‘Needed’ as her bathing suit banner

Byzantine - ‘Handle Carefully Dynamite on Board’

Pricciar: Thanks! I may use that warning. Well, the first half of it, anyway. :slight_smile:

I have another one for Lib, though, Anti Pro:

Libertarian: Tattoos should not be forced on peaceful, honest people.

Satan: 666

(Yeah, that one was too easy.)

Any of the various fundamentalist LBMB Bible-thumper creationists who I won’t bother to name:

“This space for rent.”

I could use another tattoo, what the heck. I don’t know about on the forehead, though…