Tatu on Jay Leno

Munch (or anyone else that saw Kimmel), Vince Vaughn was on Kimmel last night wasn’t he? Was he funny? I’m a fan, and I’d forgotten he was going to be on. He’s one of the best talk show guests there is, so how was he?

mmmm… Russian Lesbians mmmmmm…

QUOTE]But have you heard their cover of The Smiths’ “How Soon is Now?”?

I wonder if that was this the brutal version that was on Smallville? I’ll have to dl it to find out.

Yeah, Vince did OK, considering. His segment got hijacked by the overly garrulous Don King & he rolled with it. Then he took responsibility for keeping Don quiet during the other segments. At the end, Jimmy apologized to him & Monica Berlucci for “not getting on the show” 'cos Don wouldn’t shut up.

Thanks foolsguinea, maybe it will be re-run. I don’t usually stay up that late, so I tape shows when there’s a guest on that I want to see. I still haven’t seen any of Kimmel’s shows since the one that was on after the Super Bowl. Hopefully he’s gotten better. It sounds like it must be a crazy atmosphere; Vaughn, Don King, and teenaged Russian lesbians all on the same night? Wow.

I’m still a Letterman fan at heart though.