Tatu on Jay Leno

The Russian pop band, T.a.t.u., was tonight’s musical guest on Jay Leno. For those who don’t know, the band’s singers are a young lesbian couple, who have been a little bit controversial in their openness about their sexuality and relationship.

Towards the end of the song during a break in the vocals, the girls turned to face each other, and, in the split second before the camera cut to the band, it looked like one was leaning in towards the other. A few seconds later the crowd cheered more loudly.

So…was it a kiss?

most definitely a mini makeout session

I’ve still got two hours until the end of Leno, but the makeout sessions seems to be their claim to fame.

I think you’re right, Troy. Nothing stokes up publicity like teenage lesbians making out.

I can’t help but wonder if they’re having the opposite influence with regard to the gay rights movement than what they’re going for. It seems that they’re doing more playing into American male fantasies than drawing positive attention to a lesbian relationship.

But that’s got the makings of another threat in itself.

Both of them have boyfriends.

Both of them are over 18 (now).
Lets not get to …ahem… sucked into the Tatu story. It’s a great marketing gag, but the truth is there if you just go looking for it.

What an… odd… performance. Nothing sexy about it, that’s for sure. If I hadn’t heard of them before, I would’ve said “Oh, look, a lesbian singing duo,” and switched to Letterman. I missed the supposed makeout session, but I did notice several shots of background players that seemed a little lengthy.

They kinda looked like they were drugged. But their music was unique, I’ll give 'em that.

NBC didn’t show a damn thing, at least on the west coast. I wasn’t even sure what was going on until Arsenio tried to plant a big wet kiss on Jay Leno. What a gyp.

Did the east coast viewers get to see anything?

Has there been a promotional video released for the song All the things she said in the USA? - I saw one on TV here in the UK the other day and it was quite surprising; showing girls (of what age it is difficult to tell) dressed in school uniforms, kissing and caressing one another in the rain. This was on a Saturday morning kids show, which rather surprised me.

I SO knew that was a kiss!!! ugh…damn censors…You say they’re over 18? well in that case, I think the brunette is hot!! Ok, I’ll stop there.

I do remember seeing a video exactly like how you described it Mangetout…wow.


Reportedly that video was made back in 1999-2000ish (when their Russian career was taking off), which would make them a lot younger than the 17/18 they are now.

The UK’s “The Sun” got a bit high and mighty about them and their “perverted” creater for a while, but they seem to have got bored of that now. Not before they showed a picture of the brunette with her lady lumps out, though.

URL to pic of lady lumps plz k tnx

I thought he was dead!

I did a search on info from these two a while ago. Tons of pics of them kissing and whatever. One, count 'em -one-, site that only detailed their music. They’re a band that’s based around their make-out sessions for publicity, it would seem to me. Stuff like that generally ticks me off; musicians who are built for an image, not for their music.
Video killed the Radio Star.

I’ve got no problem with the lesbian makeout thing; I’d probably march in favor of tennage lesbians making out before I’d march about the death penalty or something.

But their music sucks.

But have you heard their cover of The Smiths’ “How Soon is Now?”?

It is interesting.

Talk about a cause to rally 'round.

Only now I got “running thru my head, running thru my head” a distorted version of The Who’s “Baba O 'Reilly”

*Don’t cry…
Don’t shade your eyes…
It’s only teen-age les-bians…

Teenage lesbians,
Oh yeah,
it’s phony Teenage Lesbians…*

I think ‘phony teenage lesbians’ may be my new MSN screenname. Thanks, JRDelerious.

I wasn’t aware that they both had boyfriends. It looks like the publicity machine worked pretty well here in the Midwest, eh?

I opened this thread thinking “Wait a sec, I thought Hervé Villechaize was dead.”

T.a.T.u. was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and they most definitely made out. Jimmy was very insistent on that. There was also some mutual crotch grabbing, and some skirt flipping. There was also some serious lip synching, but who can sing with all that making out to do?

It was a very odd situation. Jimmy first had them over on the couch, where they proceeded to not be interviewed, due to their very little English. The dark haired girl was intently staring at Jimmy, took his jacket off, and wrote something obscene in Russian on his hand. Very odd indeed.

Yeah, the kiss is fake, they lip-sync’d, it’s fake fake fake. The brunette’s cute. tho’.