The TEENAGED female members of this group are kissing on their own website.

The group is this Russian pop duo called “Tatu.” What I am referring to (it is not pornographic, unless you’re Southern Baptist) is here

My first reaction to this was WTF? If they were a group of ADULTS like Lords of Acid, whose act is heavily sexualized, that would be different. But these are teenaged girls for crying out loud, whose videos are shown on MTV Russia! (Scroll down this page. One is 16, the other 17.)
I was uncomfortable enough when Britney Spears, then only 16, was baring her midriff and shaking her ass to sell albums. But THIS. . .

I mean, I just can’t think of a good reason for this except exploitation.

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I’m not sure I see the problem here. It’s not like 16 and 17 year olds don’t kiss.

Looks fairly innocent to me. I’d far rather see this than watch Britney shake her half-clad butt.

So, there’s nothign wrong with so blatantly exploiting the sexuality of children to sell albums? What if they were 12 and 13?

“What if it was something totally different than what it is?”

My 16 year old daughter has a picture of her kissing her girlfriend. No one set it up or told them to do it. They’re rather fond of the picture and it’s displayed prominately in my daughter’s room. I fail to see how this is exploitation

This Nirvana album cover shows a baby’s wang… is it kiddie porn?

If they were 18 would it be OK? Would it be OK if it was a boy and a girl kissing? Correct me if I’m wrong, but in many other countries, the age of sexual consent is lower than in the U.S., so I guess 16 and 17 year olds can be seen kissing there, but not here?


Lizard, If it were a boy and a girl instead of 2 girls, would that be OK, or would you still have a problem with it?

Actually, the average age of consent in the United States is 16. In some areas, it is as low as 13 or 14.

Someone posted some pictures of this group on Fark not too long ago. If you are only complaining about the kissing, you haven’t seen anything yet.

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Good grief.

(1) As others have said, what happens is perfectly legal in many countries.

(2) Using teenage sex to sell? Whatever next! Thank heavens Britney, Christina et al never implied teenage sexuality to sell videos.

C’mon. This is nothing shocking. Sure, it’s more obvious than many videos, but I don’t see the problem.

I think that more serious problem is that their name is “Tatu”, since that happens to be my name, too. I fear that there are only more “Hey Tatu, do you listen to… Tatu? Hur hur hur” jokes coming along in the road.

Ever see “Blind Faith?”

Clue: Kissing isn’t sex.

I also completely fail to see a problem here.

They’re not. So?

Fourteen in a couple.

Didn’t see any thirteens.

What was the OP expecting? Us to get the vapours and faint?
People who think they can push my “outrage” button amuse me.

I think what’s so controversial about this group goes a little beyond kissing…that’s actually pretty tame. According to different sources, they’ve admitted to, or at least failed to dispel rumors that they are lovers, which if they were of age shouldn’t be a big deal. Here’s a link to an article about them.

I think the creepiest part is that they were manufactured a la some of our American boybands by a former psychologist. Sounds like a creepy experiment of some sort to me.