Tax confusion, multiple states

I worked in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

I earned ~ $20K in WI
I earned ~ $10K in MN

My federal return says i earned $30K
My Wisconsin return says i earned $30K
My Minnesota return says i earned $20K
I am using…whats the deal with my Minnesota return? Is that right?

Which state are you a resident of? I’m assuming Wisconsin, since the software you’re using assigned your full income to your Wisconsin return, but it could make a difference.

Yes i am a resident of Wisconsin

I have had to file in dual states previously but the way it worked was fair. After you set up your income from both states, you should be able to deduct the amount you earned in your non-residency state from the amount being taxed in your residency state. It’s a wash.

We live in WI and one of us works in MN so our situation is similar. It would help if you told us how much in taxes was already deducted from each state’s pay. Also, IIRC, something comes off before taxable income in one state but does not in the other so it’s added back in, but your amount seems too high for that unless it’s a combination of a HSA and the WI taxes paid being added back into the MN? I don’t know.

Print out your tax forms so you can look at them together and find out where the 10K comes from. I use TaxAct too but haven’t started my taxes yet. A lot of times I understand better if I manually fill in the blanks and can see the whole page at the same time instead of having to scroll.

Credit to you for asking the question now, instead of hours before the April 17th filing deadline!