Tax Question: "more than 50% of household expenses?"

Doing my own taxes for the first time ever.

Single with no kids and I don’t own a house, all of my income was from a job where I clocked in and out for 40hours a week- taxes were withheld and I got a W2. So, I figure my situation is about as easy as it can possibly be.

Using an online service that walks me through everything treating me like I’m dumb (which is exactly how I need to be treated on this). But, in the “Guide Me” questions establishing me as a single person with no dependents, they hit me with this question:

“Did you pay more than 50% of your household expenses in 2009?”

Seems a simple yes or no question, but I don’t know if “household” refers to living as a family or just any and all co-residents.

I have a roommate, but as far as we’re concerned I pay 100% of my expenses and she pays 100% of her expenses. Are she and I a “household”?

Even if she and I are a “household”, the “Guide Me” prompts say to include:
[li]Rent[/li][li]Groceries[/li][li]Utilities[/li][li]and other things that don’t apply[/li][/ul]

We each pay 50% of Rent.
We pay 50% of Water, Gas, and Electric, but I pay 100% of internet- is that a utility? She shares my internet service, but I pay 100%.
She pays for the landline phone, but I never use it- don’t make calls on it, don’t receive calls on it. I pay 100% of my cell phone.

We don’t share groceries. I pay 100% of my groceries, she pays 100% of her groceries.

So, are we a “household” of just independent roommates?

How do I answer the question:
“Did you pay more than 50% of your household expenses in 2009?”

The simplest and most clear definition of household is “everyone living under the same roof” but there are cases where it isn’t that simple. In the case of roommates, I usually treat them as if they were two (or more) completely separate households under one roof.

The main issue that this question addresses is whether anyone else can claim you as a dependent or, if you had children, whether you could qualify as head of household. Since you clearly support yourself and have no kids, that’s not going to be much of an issue either way.

I would go ahead and answer “Yes” that you do pay more than 50%.

Basically, the question is asking if someone else (such as your parents) paid more than half of what it cost to clothe, house, and feed you. You are renting one-half of an apartment, as is your roommate. Your share of the rent is what it costs to house you. Her share of the rent is what it costs to house her.

You’re cool.

The answers that you have gotten so far are correct. The answer is “Yes”.

For income tax purposes, you and your roommate constitute separate “households”, since there is no way in which you could file jointly or claim the other as a legal dependant.

That question relates to: (1) “I’m a divorcee living off alimony” or (2) “I’m a college student and my parents are paying most of my expenses; I’m just filing to get back the taxes from my summer job.” (I’m confident of this answer from other explanations of “who provides support” but don’t have a tax-code cite; anyone who’s a pro at this able to support it?)

Thank You!