Tax question(or wheres my w2 form?)

I recently filed away all my papers and now I can’t find my w-2 form from my most recent employer. I’m starting to wonder if I ever had one.
I started the job on December 4 , but my first paycheck was on January 1(my employer pays monthly). Did I make any money for the 2006 fiscal year? Should I have a w-2 form from them?

If your paycheck was dated January 1, then as far as their payroll system is concerned, you didn’t earn anything in 2006. That’s the way it usually works, anyway; it can’t hurt to double-check with HR or the payroll department, though.

Assuming you are- as are most individuals- a “cash basis taxpayer” then he’s right. No W-2 as you didn’t get paid anything last year from that job.

What they said.

If you want to set your mind at ease: do you still have your paystubs for the past 3 months? Check the “current pay period” and “year to date” figures. If the February paycheck shows more in the YTD figure than it does in the "Current: figure, you know your January pay is responsible for that so you know January is FY 2007.