TAX TIME!!!! (yeah)

Did mine today. I’m getting it all back. Do I still get to vote if I’m not really a taxpayer?

Filed mine on 1/14. Checked the refund status and I should have my check by tommorrow.

Love that earned income credit.

Damn, I wish I could do my taxes right now… but I’ll be lucky if I get all the paperwork by the end of February. I’m really looking forward to it… I think I’m going to get a lot back.

I hope. Oh, how I hope.

I had to laugh this year… Robin saw the amount we were getting back and had no choice but to say “Thank you, George W. Bush”. She’ll deny it, but it happened.

I was forced to do the same thing. But mine sounded like “thanks chimp”. :smiley:

I’m just here to post my sig. :smiley:

I have an appointment with my Accountant tomorrow afternoon to get my taxes done. He’s worth every damn penny I pay him.

But this year, it’s April 17th.

Doesn’t matter to me; I filed two weeks ago (I have very uncomplicated finances). I’ve already got my MD refund, all 50 bucks. If I find my federal refund in the mailbox today, it’ll be a new personal record.

Same thought ran through my head, but then a couple others caught up to it, hog-tied and beat it to death and then dragged it behind a truck for a few miles:

  1. Right then, who’s paying for this war? Oh yeah, my kids when they get jobs.
  2. So, Inigo, the price for your soul is just under $2,000…of your own money?

I’d pay it all if it could help to undo some of the damage. Maybe I’ll spend it all on girlscout cookies.

I got the last of my documents today and I’m filing tonight. I’m terrified - got a new, better paying job - more taxes! Bought a house - less taxes! It’s like putting bugs in a jar to watch them fight - who knows who will win?!

I get all the forms with this months paycheck, so TurboTax and I have a date in a few weeks. The wife and I file seperately, because we work in different states. She is getting back a nice peice of change, and my refund should be…adequate. Sdaly, most of the cash will go to paying bills, so no great binge for us. :frowning:

I filed Saturday night (because I am a young, professional, single 26-year-old woman - what else is there to do on a Saturday night?)

Me and TurboTax. TurboTax, which cost me $40 and made me no more than the standard deduction :frowning: Woe is me! Next year I will try TT again - I’ll have a full year’s worth of mortgage interest.

But hey, the amounts I get back cover a month’s mortgage payment plus a few bucks for pizza, so I am happy. Happy enough.

Heh…I did mine using TaxBreak. Glad I looked it over because it decided one of my kids wasn’t really a dependent (that would have cost me $1k). Last year it forgot to ask about tuition and I nearly lost my education credit (Form 8863). That would have been another grand or so.

I lead a pretty uncomplicated financial life–think I’ll stick to pencil & paper from here on out. It’s so much nicer now that the forms are available online and you don’t have to shuffle on down to the library to get just one more obscure worksheet or schedule.

Just sent mine off. Done and done. No refund (of exceptional note), but then I don’t owe anything either!

My dear sweet wife got a job last year with a small CPA firm. This means she is working 60 hours a week, and will be until the middle of April. She’s a born number cruncher, so this is her natural role in the world, but tax season is a strain.

Fortunately, I’m retired, so I have time to do all the cleaning, laundry and almost all the cooking. (And bloody little else.)

It is true that I engaged in my annual librul hand-wringing. On the one hand, we’re getting a big chunk o’ cash, useful for things like bills. On the other hand, that’s because of an idiot chimp.

My head is exploding.


I still haven’t received my W-2. Doesn’t it need to be mailed by January 31? I am going to be super grumpy if it doesn’t arrive soon. I like to get my taxes done and out of the way as soon as possible.

I only worked in the summer at a pizza place (college student here) so I get my whopping 130 bucks back or whatever. Only made about a grand anyway. But it’s better than nothing!

I am missing two more forms (that I know of) before I can file, but since I have some of them, I may start inputting them.

God bless Turbo Tax. That’s the only thing that got me through tax season last year. Okay, that and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. And perhaps just the teeniest smidge of gin. :slight_smile:

If you’re at the same job, you may get it at work tomorrow. There’s nothing that says W-2s have to be mailed.