Taxicab in "The Shadow"

I think Tuckerfan or another auto expert will be along shortly, and likely will have the answer, but my question is:
Was the taxicab driven by Peter Boyle in the movie “The Shadow” with Alec Baldwin a 1930’s-something Cord? And wasn’t this car front-wheel-drive?

That’s all, Folks!

I’m not sure what kind of vehicle it is, but it’s a beautiful car, and Kenner even made the taxi as part of the Shadow action figure line. I’ve been looking for a good deal on one for a while (the toy, not the real car).

I haven’t seen this movie in years, but I think it was aCord 810.

Thanks, mike1dog, that looks like it, alright. Can anyone else confirm if it was front-wheel-drive or not?

I think it was the re-issued Cord from the late 70’s, not the original model in the link from mike1dog

The original was front-wheel drive.

This is pretty informative

At the bottom of the page someone mentions a taxi in the Dick Tracy movie, but I’m wondering if the reference should be to The Shadow.

Saw it at Universal Studios. Looked like a real Cord, not a fiberglass replica. Cords didn’t have the thin sliver of a window in the C-pillar; that was added to this particular car, god knows why. Nor, for that matter, did Cords have the exhaust stubs sticking out of the side of the hood; those were just parts-store exhaust tips tacked on. Some Cords (mostly the supercharged ones, but some un-supercharged, too) had flexible exhaust pipes coming out of the hood sides and disappearing into the front fenders, but the movie car’s were definitely not that type.

Cords were front-wheel drive, and if you look closely in the movie, you can see its front wheels spinning in a couple scenes.