Taylor Swift to rerecord her music

But your way wouldn’t accomplish that. A lawyer saying “you’re getting screwed” would only help the small percentage of artists that are seen to be very likely to turn a profit by the record company. Why would the record company budge?

For most people who get a record contract it’s like getting an exclusive lottery ticket. Most people aren’t thinking “but I won’t get rich off my first hit single with this deal!”

Among the long list of musicians who have been ripped off by their record companies, it’s a bit difficult to muster up a whole lot of sympathy for Ms. Swift.

That’s rather specious. How rich Swift is doesn’t change right and wrong.

That said, she is simply doing something now that she is rich that back then required other rich people to do for her. As said above, this is a business move not a hammer of justice. I’m sure her hardcore fans will make this turn a profit but there’s no guarantee this will be a meaningful money stream for her. Radio stations and the record industry have deep connections. I wouldn’t assume they’ll all switch over to the new recordings.

Eta: I definitely change the channel when the new version of “Fortunate Son” comes on. Way to butcher it, Fogerty.

No. No, it wouldn’t. All it would do is help the artist understand how E’s getting screwed. It wouldn’t give em the bargaining strength to do anything about it. They kind of already know they’re probably getting screwed. Just being certain of it isn’t much comfort.

How is E getting screwed?

What is “wrong” in any sense about how Taylor Swift was treated?

Where did I say anything was wrong?

A lot of people are like that. Since recorded music became so ubiquitous, many people don’t just like a song as performed by a particular artists they like a particular recording. And when they hear a different recording it sounds off to them.

But that recording isn’t always going to be the first one released. I’m sure there’s plenty of people who had been listing to the original version for years, but end up preferring a live version or remake of it.
Off the top of my head, the song Spike by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I’ve heard it hundreds of times live (it’s the version played on XM) and maybe the studio version once or twice and I prefer the live version.
Similarly, I absolutely love the live version of I Won’t Back Down, even though I hear the studio version probably 10 times more often. I always get chills down my spine when I hear his live music with the audience singing along.

This is true (altho it is certainly possible to enjoy multiple versions of a song.) A related issue is that an artist can’t always go home again. I have a CD of Roger Miller performing studio versions of his hits, cut decades after his prime. I have a comparable CD of the Everly Brothers. After one partial listening I’ve never been tempted to play either one again.

The young Everlys had crystalline harmonies that served the song and I don’t think they truly hated each other when they had their early hits. Roger Miller shot to fame with a devil-may-care voice. In both cases the voices thickened and the fading of fame seemed to stifle their spirits.

I’m not familiar with Taylor Swift’s songs or style — but she’s still young and extremely successful. Maybe her rerecordings won’t lose anything important. Maybe they will. Maybe naïveté was a key, unfakeable element in some of her early songs. Don’t know.

I’m sure you’re right. For years my favorite version of “Burning Down the House” by the Talking Heads what the one I’d heard on the radio for decades. But two years ago I finally saw their concert movie Stop Making Sense and now that version of “Burning Down the House” is my favorite. But I suspect most people aren’t like that and prefer to hear the version they’ve grown accustomed to.

Oh, sure. It’s can be a lot of fun to hear different versions of great songs. I first heard “Blue Moon” as sung by the Marcels in 1961 (I heard it in the 80s but they sang it in the 60s) but I’ve enjoyed versions in country, heavy metal, jazz, and I’m sure others.

on one of her recent tours she priced some tickets at what she and her managers thought scalpers would charge. Fans were not happy but she cut out the scalpers . Don’t know if any other artists did that too.

nm…totally read your post wrong.