I'm not a fan of her music, but what do you think of Taylor Swift?

I just recently watched a segment of her on 60 Minutes. I wont go into details, but seriously, if you haven’t seen it, you need to. She’s an awesome woman.

Just wondering what other people’s thoughts on her are.

Decent pop songwriter; good even. Can’t really sing. Great great great at establishing and managing her brand.

I don’t know if she’s still doing it but she went through a period of dating older celebrities, letting them get in her pants and then acting shocked and dismayed (and writing songs about the tragic heartbreak that came from) that older dudes aren’t really into 20 year chicks because they find 20 year old chicks to be fascinating people.

The first time is a learning experience. After that, I just figure you’re a very slow learner. Or milking it for the albums.

I’d like to bang her like a drum.

Besides that I know nothing about her except one of her first radio songs didn’t bug me and she sang like crap the time I saw her on SNL.

She writes catchy and sometimes very touching songs. Easy on the eyes. I vote yes.

She’s decidedly ‘funny looking’. Not homely at all, rather cute actually, long blond hair and legs that go all the way up, just a little funny lookin’ though. As someone mentioned a bit of a whackjob while dating. Very smartly parleyed a country music career into a gazillion-times more successful pop music one.

And she should have smashed her trophy into that asshole Kanye West’s balls…

I am rather late to the Taylor Swift party. I avoid most country stars like-- Well, it might be best to explain that the majority of my state is rather rural/country. (I live in the city.) You know, commercials for seed brands and such on the local TV. And farm reports on the news. And I do not get into the cowboy thing at all. :dubious:

Taylor Swift won me over with “Enchanted.” I’m at a period in my life where I’m not really sure about relationships. :world’s smallest violin plays: So being able to hear the occasional cute song about love is kind of nice. :slight_smile:

I need to watch that interview. She is rather odd-looking-- Something about her eyes? I dunno. But every show I’ve seen her on, she’s nothing but nice and friendly, which ups her in my estimation. And she now writes most, if not all, of her own songs (she did not originally).

Plus I believe she has a kitty, and people who have/love kitties get an automatic +1 in my scoring. :smiley:

If you think any of that actually happened, I’ve several very lucrative properties in the San Fernando valley to sell you. Pop stars are the most plastic and fake people in existence, and everything you think you know about them has been carefully planned and scripted in order to sell you shit.

Fortunately I don’t really spend any time thinking about them and haven’t bought any of her albums. Whew, crisis averted!

I wish she had more than that one expression, the one with her mouth open with a slightly surpised look on her face. It obviously worked for her, because it’s the only one she has, but it is getting pretty boring.

I couldn’t careless about her music and even less about her personality, butI’d have a lot of sex with her if given the chance and I were single.

I like her. I saw the 60 Minutes piece, she seems to really understand that her fans have put her where she is and she shows her appreciation. I thought she showed some aptitude for comedy when she did SNL, I think she’s already played a character in a movie so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her go really big-time.

And… I find her very easy on the eyes.

So…you like her?

Not that much actually, easy on the eyes and yes I’d do her like no tomorrow, but my previous post is more out of boredom. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I have to disagree with your second sentence. When the closing credits came up after hunger games I was thinking, “damn who is that singer, that is crystal!” Then I saw it was Taylor Swift, collaborating with T-Bone Burnett. I thought it was Neko Case! Her music is just teenybopper shit right now, but hopefully after she’s made dumptrucks full of money, she’ll turn back to more rootsy alt-country stuff.

Cancer patient asks Swift to be his date to his high school prom.

She was unable to make that date but instead she asked him to be her date at the Academy of Country Music Awards show.

Unfortunately , he had a relapse (leukemia) the day before and was unable to attend.

She was also parodied by Weird Al.

I’d never heard of her until the horror that was my kid’s “talent show” at his school, which consisted of a string of 9-year old girls singing* over the top of *some horrible shit on a boom-box from the early 80’s.

Pretty much Taylor Swift exclusive, I was told afterword. So I gotta go with “I fucking hate her!” Whoever she is…

Everything you need to know about her is in my first post in this thread. Trust me. :wink:

She isn’t very good live.