That's Taylor Swift?!?

On the cover of Maxim.

Ignoring what you may or may not think of her music, am I the only one who looks at that photo and says, “No way that’s Taylor Swift!” I mean, it just doesn’t look like her. At all. For one thing the girl in that photo is way cuter. For another she doesn’t have Swift’s freaky Vulcan eyes. Is it just a lack of makeup? In which case why does she wear it?!

Or have I fully joined the old fart club and this really is some new super model with the same name?

The eyeliner and red bow lip is (or maybe was) her signature for a while so without that, yes, she will look quite different. Last I heard she was dating an international multimillion-dollar DJ so she is going with a rougher sleeker look. Her makeup and style change with her boyfriends.

Maybe that is what she looks like when they tell her to stop squinting. :stuck_out_tongue:

It does not look like Swift to me either. Not only are her eyes usually more narrow, but she also normally has a wrinkle/bag under them that is missing from that photo. If it is her, it is her with a good amount of makeup and a solid sprucing with photoshop.

What?! It’s the exact opposite. She usually wears only slightly less makeup than a clown in public and this might be the first photo in which I’ve ever seen her ears or forehead, ever.

I certainly don’t think she’s anywhere close to lacking makeup in that photo, but it’s very well done and she looks so much better without the massive amount she usually wears.

I don’t know if these are all from the same photo shoot (and I’m not going to read the article) but it looks like they are. She looks remarkably better with ears, a forehead and skin tone that resembles a living person. Beyond better, actually. She’s stunning in every photo in that link.

I’m not a fan of country or pop music and can’t honestly say much about her work because I’m not familiar with it. I know she was signed at a ridiculously young age and she’s still very young, so it’s not surprising that she’s only just starting to get to a point where she’s taking control of her own public identity. Good for her. She looks fantastic. I hope she ditches the old look for good.

I had the same reaction when I saw the picture. She looks nothing like her usual self.

It was a similar surprise the first time I saw Zooey Deschanel without her usual bangs.

She is very tall, and this photo appears to be looking down on her as well, so that can be deceiving. Very pretty girl.

Am I the only one who thinks most of these famous women look like a million times better when not wearing makeup? I swear most of them are usually plastered with so much makeup that they look like plastic dolls.

I know very little about her and will never be a fan of her music but yeah, stick with this look and ditch the old one forever.

I think it’s mostly the lack of bangs and darker hair that makes her not instantly recognizable. But I do also think someone went a little overboard with the Photoshop and widened her eyes. Oops.

The porcelain doll with red lips thing hasn’t been her look forever. Just recently.

There is no less makeup in that Maxim picture than the red lipped look. If anything, there’s more contouring makeup around the cheekbones and nose. It’s just different (more naturalistic) colors.

5’9", if I recall correctly. I went to one of her shows in 2011 (don’t judge me) and during one song she walked down the aisle not more than a few feet away from me, and she couldn’t have been more than a few inches shorter than my 6’0" self.

She always looks great.
It all makes sense to me. A new look means you get a new Japanese body pillow means more money. Why else do you think Beibs is changing it up.

I think part of it is that you rarely see Taylor without a smile on her face. The cover shot has her mouth pointing DOWN and that changes all the features of her face!

In this article that Jake linked to, the “real” Taylor pops out in the photo with the blue shirt and jacket, because she is smiling slightly. She pops out again in the last picture too, also with a bit of a smile.

Yeah, I think it’s mostly her big smile that is missing. She has squinty eyes when she is smiling that smile of hers.

Yes, you’re the only person. You’re very special.

I saw a photo of her on magazine cover without her “standard” white/red makeup and was struck by the change and how good she looked. I won’t bother saying if she looks “better” one way or the other but it was definitely a change from how I’m used to seeing her.

As has been pointed out, a huge reason for her different look is maybe not a *lack *of makeup, just a different application. Her eyes look bigger without the liner and her lips look natural and actually larger without her “classic red lip” (note to TSwift; do not reference yourself and your look in a song; it is tacky). I think the biggest thing is her natural brows. The thin, drawn on approach creates a totally different look. Also, her nose is usually contoured quite a bit making it appear pointier. I always think she has a ferret like face but in these pictures she looks lovely.

I think maybe women are finally starting to figure out that tightlining totally makes your eyes look smaller. Not to mention increases styes and eye infections. It’s a dramatic look, for sure, but it just doesn’t work for many of us.

I think it’s a mistake and that isn’t her at all.

I guess it is, but wow what a difference!

I think you’re right. I did the black eyeliner thing for a long time( not as dramatic as is TS)and it was only a couple of years ago that I realized I look so much better with less. Or maybe I’m just too old to pull it off anymore:(

My memory is so short these days – the last way I saw her is the way she’s always been. :slight_smile: